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price reduced

  1. venezing

    Model 3 Price Reduction and the MA MOR-EV Rebate

    Today's $2k Model 3 price reduction brings the Model 3 LR down to a price point in where it qualifies for the $2500 rebate in Massachusetts! Model 3 prices are now: SR+: $37,990 LR AWD: $46,990 M3P: $54,990 Funny enough I was in Warwick, RI test driving both the Model Y LR and the Model 3...
  2. Probllama

    Prices Paid, Discounts, Incentives, and Upgrades Offered

    Hi all, I know with Tesla you order online and the price is fixed for everyone, in theory. However, it looks like more and more people are being offered: - Discounts on inventory cars especially if they have some miles on them or older (2018) model year - Free paint/wheel upgrades These...
  3. S

    Help - Prices Paid Data - Let's Share how much you paid?

    I couldn't find a reliable source for both Model 3 deal and prices paid. As this forum is the most active, I'm hoping many would be inclined to share the recent deals they got or even the Order Advisor info to help. I will share all the data on a Google Sheet once I get a reliable sample size...
  4. C

    Thinking about joining legal action on recent massive price cut

    With the recent major price reduction, I feel like I'm hit with the penalty for being a few months earlier adopter. Not sure if I'd line up at the stores overnight or put reservation money. I bet many of you, the loan balance is higher than how much you can buy the cars right now. Even with...
  5. T

    2014 S85 Dark Blue - 4 YR 50,000 mi Extended Warranty - Jacksonville FL

    Selling 2014 S85, recently added 4 YR ESA, good to July 2022 or 100,000 miles In Jacksonville FL area. 51,100 miles Dark Blue Metallic Non - Autopilot. June 2014 build Well equipped w options and upgrades: Pano Roof Ultra Hi Fidelity Audio Dual Chargers Parking Sensors Retractable mirrors LTE...