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range extender

  1. Annie

    Battery Upgrade Possible?

    Does anyone know if its possible to upgrade the capacity of the Model X battery, and range of the car. I have a 2016 October built car with,(I am guessing here based on DOM), the older 18650 type, model 90D. I have been reading upgrade the 20% density upgrade of the the more recent 2170 battery...
  2. ElectricLove

    Aerodynamic wheel covers

    Wondering if anyone knows any product offerings for discs to go over our wheels to convert them into more aerodynamic wheels? I've been looking for the Tesla Model S Aero wheels and have had no luck at all, not sure how good they are but I have no doubt they'd perform better than my 21"...
  3. bnsfengineer

    Vtech Chip

    Has anyone tried the Vtech chip that is supposed to increase range by 10%? Also performance as well? They claim it is undetectable by Tesla?
  4. SSD420

    Help... range issue

    It's 1 degree Celsius and I'm trying to get home. I have 160 km rated left. I have 102km to go. Model X 90D. I'm using AP, going 5km over the posted limit. No heat (I'm cold!) and my rated range is dropping fast. I've checked and re-checked plug share. Anything on my way either isn't open or...
  5. TEG

    Whitestar / Fisker "Eco Chic" speculation

    The last comment in the most recent Tesla Blog was: [[ “Range Extended EV” is not just PR spin for series hybrid platform, it actually makes sense from a customer perspective." ]] To me this is a sign that Tesla is seriously considering getting into the hybrid business (with vehicles that...