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  1. ChooseFreedom

    Service Center Options

    Hey gang, Looking for help choosing a service center. The 2 SC's that are <2hrs from me are Louisville, KY and Cincinnati, OH. Has anyone used either/both and would you recommend it? I have a GTW_w026 service alert, which seems to be related to the battery coolant heater? I'm also probably...
  2. C

    2014 Model S Tint/PPF/Ceramic coat installers in Sacramento area?

    Hello all! Looking for recommendations for tint/ppf installers near Sacramento CA that do good work on teslas. Just got my first one, a P85+ w/AP1, and wanted to get tint, ppf, and maybe ceramic coat sometime soon. I’ve seen Genesis Window Tinting in Elk Grove recommended here on the forums...
  3. G

    Mechanics in Amsterdam

    I have a Raven Model S with some suspension/steering issues and I’m looking for a reputable repair shop around Amsterdam to fix it. Any recommendations?
  4. T

    recommendation needed for used EV

    Hi all, we live in bay area CA. Currently we have a 12 honda odyssey and 15 outback. I want to replace my 15 outback with an EV. My budget is around $46k. The use case is I want to drive the EV for daily drop off / pick up my two kids, typical total daily range is about 20 to 30 miles. Both my...
  5. K

    PPF recommendations in Phoenix

    Hi everyone. I’m picking up my MYP next week. I’m planning on doing the following to the car immediately: - Full PPF - Window Tints (front, windshield, and sunroof) for the heat in Phoenix - potentially ceramic coating? Is it worth it? Does anyone have a recommended shop in the Phoenix area...
  6. E

    2018 LR or 2021 SR+

    I need recommendations on what to do- I can either buy a cheaper 2018 LR with 55k miles that’s out of the basic warranty and has some cosmetic fit and finish issues OR go with a 2021 SR+. I’d prefer LR but am concerned it’s out of warranty with fit and finished issues. What’s the best choice?
  7. E

    Bay Area tint recommendation

    Any recommendations for a relatively inexpensive yet quality tint in the Bay Area? I have a m3 and only want to do all 4 side windows, not the sunroof. If you could provide an estimate cost you were quoted/paid, I’d appreciate that! Also, any recommendations for %s or photos of your tints? I...
  8. J

    The 2000 Mile Test Drive in my M3

    I was excited to make my first long range trip in my Model 3. It felt like a challenge and an opportunity to learn about the car. I did some research on Supercharger locations, miles between them, and hotels with Tesla Destination chargers. I discovered that the Trip Planner can do most of...
  9. B

    Recommended Alignment Shop in Bay Area for Modified P3D?

    I have Eibach springs currently, with too much negative camber. Want to install MPP camber and toe arms but need to find a place I can trust to handle the alignment. When I installed the springs I asked several local/chain shops and *none* of them would even touch the car. They all said I...
  10. A

    Would you still buy an X?

    Forum Members, I'm seeking some advice/recommendations. After ordering a inventory Model X and preparing to pick it up, I received a call cancelling the pickup the day before. After speaking with several representatives I found out the car was damaged and needed repairs. The problem I discovered...
  11. K

    Miami/Broward - recommendations for washing / tinting / wrap / dents

    Good morning, Would anyone share their favorite car wash place / tinting place / wrapping place / dent-ding fixing place in Miami-Dade / Broward? I'd appreciate any leads. Tesla store pointed me to tesla custom wraps - but I'm trying to understand what's available out there. Thank you
  12. EvolutionTeʂla

    Any advantage to upgrade to performance summer tires for 75D?

    I'm wondering what your thoughts are on whether it's worth it to upgrade to a high end summer tire for my Model S 75D. I know the performance models come with Michelin Pilot Super Sports (or 4s?) but I don't seem to have many issues with grip on my non-performance Model S, though tight...
  13. C

    Alloy Wheel Refurb - London

    Can anyone recommend a place in London to get one of my allow wheels refurbished? Scraped a curb avoiding someone coming into my lane left a 6 inch rash round the rim.
  14. thenaimis

    XPEL installers Central TX

    I'm looking for recommendations for an XPEL installer in the central TX area. The installer locator came up with several installers, and at least a couple of them had Teslas in their gallery, but that doesn't necessarily mean the owner was completely happy with the process and results :-)