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  1. A

    Charging using 32amp CEE and mobile charger

    It looks like if I purchase the CEE blue adapter, my mobile charger which came with my MYLR, would go from the rather pitiful 1kW to 2kW charging rate up to 7.4kW, by using a 32amp https://shop.tesla.com/en_gb/product/blue-adapter---16a_32a- The question I have been unable to get answered is...
  2. T

    V10 in Canada - what will it come with?

    So, given the news that V10 of the software is coming soon - some point this August - I'm wondering how much of the functionality will be there from the get-go in Canada? It's doubtful that any portion of FSD will be made available immediately because of regulatory approval, and that includes...
  3. dqd88

    Poll: When Will The First Tesla Robo-taxi Hit The Roads?

    What year do you think the first robo-taxi will be approved by regulators and on the roads?
  4. D

    New regulations in Europe - Update to 16.2 or keep 12.x?

    I'm trying to make my mind up on whether to update my Model S to the new version 2019.16.2, or staying on the "old" 2019.12.1 For the folks in US the doubt doesn't exist at all, but for us in the old continent it looks like AP got crippled by the new UN/EU regulations. Nevertheless I cannot...
  5. jnuyens

    Petition against crippling Tesla Autopilot in Europe

    A friend of mine started a petition to stop the crippling of Autopilot in Europe, directed at the decision makers in Europe. Please sign to try and make things move. If there are other ways you can contribute to avoid stopping progress, please do. It's up to us! Stop crippling Tesla Autopilot...
  6. A

    V2V (Vehicle-to-Vehicle) Communication in FSD-Ready Teslas

    As NHTSA pushes for implementation of V2V communication in new vehicle, what does this mean for the current Tesla's being marketed as hardware ready for FSD? Are any of those opting for full-FSD at purchase (as opposed to an upgrade later), concerned with this potential requirement being put in...
  7. N

    Autonomous - the regulatory and legal hurdles

    So, I admit that I am mostly ignorant with regards to what Federal and / or State laws are currently in existence that would prevent/prohibit/limit an autonomous vehicle from operating on public roads. Those in the know, what laws exist now (if any) that would stop anyone from sending a...
  8. Rashomon

    Update on mirrorless cars

    I just had an update from a Continental engineer. Continental is a very large automotive supplier, which among many, many other things, makes autonomous driving hardware and software, camera systems, and lane-change warning systems. They have a representative on the ISO 16505 technical committee...