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Charging using 32amp CEE and mobile charger

It looks like if I purchase the CEE blue adapter, my mobile charger which came with my MYLR, would go from the rather pitiful 1kW to 2kW charging rate up to 7.4kW, by using a 32amp https://shop.tesla.com/en_gb/product/blue-adapter---16a_32a-

The question I have been unable to get answered is.

If I put a 32amp CEE socket in my garage and have the mobile charger in the garage so it's protected from the elements and I run the main cable that plugs into the car under the garage door and plug it into the car. Is this safe?

For example, do I still need a PEN detector and DC leakage detection?

I believe these are required (at least the PEN) by regulation, and perhaps not for a mobile device? But is the same risk there? I suspect it is.

If it is recommended or required, if I put a PEN detector to the socket (or have one built into the consumer unit - I THINK you can buy them and it looks like it's advisable to replace my 25 year old plastic case consumer unit), that it would then be just as safe as an outdoor wall charger, potentially a little safer as the charging unit is inside the garage.

Appreciate comments on this, thanks