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  1. G

    Advice for renting out my Tesla in Australia

    Long time lurker, first time poster. I'm doing a novated lease on a Model 3 and will be out of the country for over a month later this year. I was thinking of renting it out while I'm away, preferably to a colleague or other known quantity for the full period, instead of trusting randos on...
  2. V

    Financiële renting via Bank Van Breda

    hi all, ik heb een MYLR besteld op mijn vennootschap, en aangezien alles bij Van Breda zit, heb ik daar ook fin. renting offerte gevraagd. Vergeleken met FSC Bank en Alpha credit waren ze beetje goedkoper. Nu vragen ze bij restwaarde > 20% een 'getekende verbintenis tot wederinkoop van uw...
  3. A

    Can I drive to the airport and leave my car with some company for them to rent it out?

    I will soon be going to the Oakland airport for a long trip. I could have sworn that there was a company that was more than happy to let me leave my Tesla with them for the duration while they rented it out, earning me money while I was away. However the closest thing I can find is Turo, but...
  4. V

    Renting out your Tesla on Turo is a bad idea, did the math..

    I see all these folks renting out their Tesla for like $100-400+ a day, I also thought about it but did the math and different situations. I can't do it unless I'm getting $2000 a month for my Model 3 LRDM. For Model S, it may have to be atleast $3k+ a month to be worth letting someone drag...
  5. SeBsZ

    Vendor TesLender - A service designed for owners renting out their Tesla - Feedback thread

    Hi everyone, I've been working on a website + app that fills a small niche in the market, so I'm hoping to find the right people here who want to help me. I've realized there are quite a few people who lend or rent out their Tesla to other people. I do the same, and am often faced with the...
  6. T

    Renter seeking charging for upcoming Model 3

    I'm looking for a place to rent, and I've been hitting brick wall with this. Several new, 'upscale' 'eco' apartments and townhouse communities I've looked at said it can't be done. Moving on to private homes, I'm still unable to convince anyone. I think my pitch is off. The common thread in...
  7. Woody17

    Long term rental arrangement - LA

    Hi TMC-- I'm throwing this out as a feeler, hoping for true input from members as to the feasibility of this and to see if I can garner any interest. Please keep trolling comments to yourself if you cannot offer constructive feedback. I am the proud new owner of a blue 2016 Model S60, having...
  8. NeverFollow

    You pre-ordered a Tesla Model III, so what, do you have a Plug?

    About 400,000 pre-ordered a Tesla Model III. Those future owners will certainly be a different demography of people than the typical Model S owners. In particular I assume that a large majority will live and rent apartments and will have a shared garage or will have to park in the street...
  9. T

    Run a model S without a home charger?

    Hi Folks, New to forum, considering the above and wanted to get some real world opinions before engaging with Tesla. Currently in London but considering a move to Brighton and renting for a while initially. Will likely be impossible for me to install a charger in a rented property...
  10. A

    Renting out a leased Model X on Turo ?

    I know it might be better to post this question in a more general forum, however I decided to make it here in case there is any difference in leasing terms of Model S and of Model X. I am one of the earliest owner who will take delivery on Model X 75D (my configuration of 70D was confirmed in...