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  1. L

    Plug and play carbon ceramic rotors without big brake upgrade?

    Has anyone found any carbon ceramic brake rotor upgrades without having to upgrade to the big brake it? I have a 2012-2020 generation Model S and am thinking about getting lighter rotors for better range and performance.
  2. Vip


    Looking for a lightly used set of rotors from a 2012-2016 Model S.
  3. Vip

    Brake rotors

    Can someone confirm that the brake rotors are different on 2012-2016 vs 2017-present? Thanks
  4. E

    2013 Model S P85+ : Need New Brake Pads & Rotors

    Hi all - need your help on recommendations for ideal brake pads and rotors since the ones quoted from Tesla Service were way too expensive. This is what they are charging for my 2013 Model S P85+. TESLA SERVICE ESTIMATE Front Rotors Part #: 6006-420-00-A $240.00 each Rear Rotors Part #...
  5. E

    Recommendation for New Rotors & Pads for a 2013 Model S P90+ ?

    Searched forums and didn't find any recommendations for new rotors and brake pads. I've got a 2013 Model S (staggered 21" wheels) with 120k miles and need to replace all four rotors and pads. I just received an estimate from the SC and the total is $1,718.00 ($1290.00 for parts and $321 for...
  6. J

    Diy brake service

    My X90d is looking like it needs front brakes. I'm going to change the pads and rotors and bleed the system with the power bleeder. I'm looking for suggestions for rotors and pads since they sit in the car and have light use. Also does anyone know what the torque specs are for the caliper...
  7. T

    Rhythmic rubbing/griding noise from brakes

    No, it's not a pebble ;) M3 performance with 10k miles. Any time the car is moving, I can hear a grinding, or rubbing noise from my front driver's side. I can hear it from inside the car while driving if it's quiet, but it's of course much more noticeable with the windows down, driving near...
  8. boostftw

    FS: Model 3 AWD MPP BIG BRAKE KIT w/ TRACK PADS - $1500

    Location:San Jose (local pickup only) Price:$1500 I'm selling my AWD Mountain Pass Performance BBK Rotors 365mm front rotors and MPP track pads. They were mounted on my P3D- (stealth) and will also fit regular AWD models. Literally new... no track/mountain runs or anything. I've decided to go a...
  9. bakerboy

    So Cal Front Brake Job

    Has anyone in the So Cal area found a shop to do the brakes on a MS? I'm getting the little squeal from the front brakes, so I'm assuming its hitting the indicator clip. I have a 2013 P85 non red calipers, does anyone have part numbers for pads and/or rotors? I currently do not have the tools...
  10. MountainPass

    Vendor MPP Visits Laguna Seca and Has a Record-Setting Party

    Hey TMC! We took a few days to collect our thoughts, shake off the jet lag and post some photos and videos for you all to see. Participating in Tesla Corsa 4 and Refuel at Laguna Seca was some of the best times we've had behind the wheel. We had a ton of fun and got to meet many of our...
  11. SD_Engnr

    P3D+ misc info and pics- wheel weight, calipers, suspension

    Well, that was awkward... I went to install my 19" aftermarket wheels (Wedssport SA-67R w/Michelin PSS) that were collecting dust in the garage, and I ran into a bit of a problem with them not fitting. Model 3 wheel studs are 14mm, but my Infiniti are 12mm. It turns out that the mounting holes...
  12. skrenes

    Model S calliper bolt torque

    Hi everyone. Does anyone happen to know the official torque spec for the calliper bolts and perhaps the hex screw that holds the brake rotor on the hub? I assume it's the same for all Model S', but in case it isn't, I have a 2013 P85+. I want to remove the rotors to spray paint them with high...
  13. MikeMayhem

    Brake Rotor specs

    Hi All, Anyone have access to this info? I have heard that the Camaro SS from 2010 on have the same size brakes as a Tesla Model S. I am having trouble finding out the size of the wheel hub and hat height to see if they would in fact fit. I had to brake hard the other day to avoid a...
  14. D

    Carbon Fiber Rotors

    When watching the Saleen Automotive Tesla’s Model S EV based FourSixteen video they made a big deal of removing 18lbs per corner by replacing the rotors with carbon fiber rotors. They also state that since this is "rotational" weight it is even more effective just saving 70lbs elsewhere...