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scratch paint repair

  1. R

    Tragedy Strikes! I got a scratch

    TRAGEDY! 😀 So I have a little scratch near my chargeport. It's white and reminds me of the first scratch I got on my 95 Tahoe at a carwash. I thought it was a goner, but the attendant came out with some yellowish liquid rubbing compound of some sort and a rag and the scratch was gone in a...
  2. P

    Scratch on door

    An object scratched the side of my Model 3 front passenger door. Went to a few auto body shops and they quoted me between $1k - $2k to repaint the front and back passenger door (to blend it) One of them said they could use a primer after which I could get it wrapped (which I don't mind) Would...
  3. N

    Advice Needed: Pre-painted front Bumper Replacement vs. Repair (Y model)

    Hello, I bought my Tesla just last month and I have experienced some paint damage (scratches and paint damage) on my left front bumper. As a relatively new owner, I wanna know my options and would greatly appreciate some guidance from seasoned owners. From my search I found the below options...
  4. S

    A nut size scratch and a nut size dent

    I picked up Model Y yesterday and today morning while the trunk was open, I tried to open my home garage door. I didn’t realise the trunk opens at a greater height than other cars. The door knob hit the trunk slightly and cause a minor, very minor, almost invisible peanut size dent and a peanut...
  5. A

    Scratched black paint - fix it or forget it?

    I noticed some small scratches on the rear passenger side of my month old MY. Not sure when it happened, how it happened, or even what it is. The direction seems to be going away from the rear wheel, which would indicate to me that someone grazed me when they were leaving their space (I usually...
  6. M

    Closed garage door and scratched my bumper - Best way to fix?

    Hello everyone, google searching brought me here with hope all the experts can give me some advices! I closed the garage door and the metal bar sticking out scratch my model 3 in the front middle:(( I really have no idea what’s the best and saving solution to fix this. Please if anyone...
  7. M

    Can anyone tell if this is a clear coat scratch or not

    Hi, my 2022 model Y was keyed a long scratched yesterday. The bodyshop asks for $800 to fix. The scratch looks not deep and can anyone tell if its clear coat scratch? If so, I was thinking if I could fix it by myself by sanding or touch up. Thanks,
  8. R

    Deep scratch on bumper, worth trying to fix myself?

    While pulling out of my garage I managed to scrape the front bumper on the wall corner :( The scratch is around 3 inches long but quite deep. Is this worth trying to fix myself using the paint repair kit? (5-10 coats or so?) Does anyone know how much a damage like this would cost to fix at a...
  9. S

    My Red Model 3 performance front bumper got scratched. Where and how this scratch can be fixed?

    Hi, I accidentally scratched the front bumper of my new Tesla M3 Performance red color while parking in the garage. I just bought it a week ago (delivered to the tesla service center in Dallas, Texas)and this unfortunately happened. How can I get this fixed, how much might it cost? can it be...
  10. M

    White Center Dashboard Trim Scratch Repair

    Hi guys, Ordered a white dashboard trim that got damaged by me during handling. Can anyone give some thoughts as to how I can repair this?
  11. Staypuffman

    Scratch on bonnet

    What's the best way to repair this scratch, caused by me cleaning some bird muck off!
  12. P

    Model s 100d scratch ( help please)

    Hello I have a model s 100d.unfortunately my dad scratched through our house's garage earlier this morning. I was wondering if this is minor scratch or major scratch. It seems like there are no dents but scratch looks pretty big to me. Should i change the whole bumper or will compound work for...
  13. I

    Model Y Came With Scratched/Etched Paint, What are my options?

    Hello! I took delivery of my Model Y on February 21st 2022. It’s black and had 15 miles on the ODOM. When we arrived at the showroom the car was being wiped down and the whole showroom was huddled around the car, they then pull it into the maintenance/detail area and started trying to buff out a...
  14. J

    Deep scratch repair

    Does anyone know how much this would cost? I think someone keyed it.
  15. lookatbowen

    Deep scratch/paint job repair advice needed after human forgot how to reverse.

    Today my soon to be ex-wife forgot how to reverse our 4-month-old Tesla Model 3 out the driveway. I have a 36-second video showing what happened and the photo of the damage below. My question for the forum is how much can I expect to pay to have this damage repaired and if anyone has any...
  16. C

    Telsa Service Center for body repair or go somewhere else?

    My Model got a couple of scratches on top of the trunk because a garage door feel on it. While it's an eyesore, it seems to be pretty surface-level. You could see the scratches in the pics below. I was thinking of taking it to my Tesla Service Center because I need to get my HW3 upgrade anyway...
  17. plasmo

    Pearl white scratch kit recommendation?

    Wife’s 2020 Model X Pearl White was found to have a 2cm linear deep scratch on the hood (see pics). any recommendations on paint/buff kits to fix this at home? I heard that the Tesla pearl white kit is not good and makes it look silver. Has anyone used TouchUpDirect kits? any other...
  18. N

    Buying used model 3, advice on paint scratch <3

    Hey there everyone! I'm in the process of purchasing my first Tesla, a used model 3 long range RWD! I'm in the final stages of buying—have financing and just scheduling delivery (Monday next week at this point apparently). They just sent me a photos of it, however, and I notice it has a...
  19. J

    Crazy 24 hour scratch and dent repair from autobody shop in Massachusetts

    I’ve been a long-time lurker on this forum and recently had my M3 hit while it was parked leaving a softball-sized dent and very deep scratches above the rear drive-side wheel-base (pic below). I had seen some posts on here about issues with autobody shops paint-matching, especially with the...
  20. K

    Scratch Repair

    Hi All - I had a minor scratch on the car and Tesla has asked me to go to one of their approved body repair shop. As the car is only 10 days old, I feel somewhat jittery to leave the car with a shop that is not Tesla. The car might be there for 2-3 days in the shop. Do you guys recommend...