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  1. DonovanMS85D

    XM Tour Bluetooth Connection to Model S MCU1

    I am an early adopter of XM Radio and like the content. I can stream it via Bluetooth of of my iPhone however there are significant areas of Colorado where there is no cellular service. My solution has been an XM Snap radio (no longer made). It broadcasts over FM however in the Denver area...
  2. D

    Update removed Sirius/XM selection from infotainment screen

    Recently got an update to 2020.48.37.6 on my 2013 Model S. I had been listening to some podcasts and had not noticed that S/XM is gone until this morning. And I mean gone. Like the car never had it and doesn't even have the satellite radio. If you let your subscription lapse or the car gets...
  3. M

    How to get my SiriusXM streaming subscription to play on my Tesla

    How do I stream music from SeriusXM, for which I already have a subscription, to my 2017 Tesla Model S? I love listening to the easy-music broadcast on the Escape Channel 69. I have been sucessful streaming it to my Apple iPhone X; and getting the Alexa Skill to playit on my Amazon...
  4. D

    SiriusXM and Amazon Echo Auto

    My biggest frustration with my TM3P Stealth is the lack of SiriusXM. Basically that is all I listen to. I have it on my phone and can stream it through BT but it’s a PITA to search for the channel I want. Last year I registered to get a Beta of Amazon Echo Auto for the car and I recurved it...
  5. C

    does anyone know where the fm antenna amplifier is?

    i (and others) have been trying to figure out a way to install satellite radio since we brought the car home...but the antenna plug on the actual fm radio unit seems to be proprietary. after the parts catalog was released, i noticed there was supposed to be an antenna amplifier somewhere that...
  6. KBurbridge14

    SiriusXM Radio has taken a big step backwards with 8.1

    I'm very disappointed that 8.1 has, for some unknown reason, tweaked what was a really good thing. As a audiophile and fan of music history, I always loved (past tense) the way Tesla allowed the 17" screen to display ALL of the song details: full title, artist, year, etc. Since 8.1, however, a...
  7. NicB72

    XM radio - newbie question

    So apologies if this is a dumb question, I did a search and couldn't find the answer. I have XM Radio in my 2016 Model S (AP2). Under categories on Radio (XM) I only see 1 category, Entertainment, I don't see any of the other categories ???? Yep I have activated and yep I can scan all the...