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sleep mode

  1. 4

    Sleep and Headlights

    So I just had an update to my Model 3 and after the update, I just noticed that the headlights are no longer lowering when the car goes to sleep. Wondering if anyone else was seeing this change?
  2. adayley

    Sleep mode documentation?

    There is much discussion here and elsewhere about sleep mode. There are settings and practices to not wake the car, etc. I don’t find much about sleep mode in the manual. Maybe I missed it. Is there some place I can school myself about sleep?
  3. Seth2020

    TeslaFi Sleep Setting

    The TeslaFi sleep settings did not initially make sense to me. When I finally puzzled them out, this is how I was able to explain it. Hopefully this explanation also helps others who may be confused: While in Idle... ...will poll vehicle 1/min (the Polling Time While Idle value) [polling...
  4. davidu406

    LTE dropping when car goes to sleep

    I’m on 2019.32.2.2 and just starting today the car started dropping LTE when it went to sleep after parking. This prevented me from contacting the car via app again until I went out and got in car, at which point it reconnected. This happened at work, where I park every day. And at home...
  5. F

    M3 Won't Connect to Cellular After Being on WiFi

    Recently (within the last 3 weeks), I have noticed that when my M3 comes out of sleep mode after sitting or charging overnight (connected to WiFi), when I leave my house, it will NOT reconnect to the Cellular network. The only thing that works is a soft reboot. Then after a minute or so, it...
  6. T

    Car not sleeping

    I decided to take a look at why my car is losing battery sitting I'm my garage. I have turned off stuff like cabin overheat but to no avail. I am using curl issuing a vehicles command (does not wake up the car) and find it takes hours to enter sleep mode. I even tried to force end the Tesla...
  7. GreenFreaK

    Car won't wake-up after 4+ hours of sleep-mode

    Model 3 LR AWD (8/18 manufactured date - VIN 68xxx) - SW 2018.32.6 08c12e6 When my car goes to sleep (at work or at home), it doesn't seem to want to wake up anytime it sleeps for longer than 4 hours. I've tried via the iPhone widget, the iPhone app, and using TeslaFI's "wake" control...
  8. V

    Nightly Energy Saving (Sleep) Mode Broken

    After upgrading to v6.1(2.2.115) I lost the nightly energy saving mode. Just wondering if anyone else lost that feature after updating as well.
  9. T

    Future features: 'Sleep' mode and a 'sensor suite' of driver safety features

    New Model S Features / Tesla’s Straubel Keeps Motors Rolling as Stock Surges 57% [Bloomberg] May 14 2013 04:01Z Link: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2013-05-14/tesla-s-straubel-keeps-motors-rolling-as-stock-surges-57-.html Elon Musk was fresh off the sale of PayPal and starting another...
  10. Andrew

    Turning the car off to avoid range loss?

    Our Model S loses about 10 miles of range each day, which was a surprise at first (now I've come to accept it... mostly.) It's like leaving a 250 watt light bulb on all the time, which is frustrating, since a big part of the reason we bought this car was the energy efficiency. Until sleep mode...