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  1. Y

    Rusty leaks from the pipe damaged car painting

    Hi there, Recently I found my model's frunk hood painting got damaged by the rusty leaks from a pipe, do you know if it's repairable via a DIY way or I have to go to tesla service? I have tired to wipe it off by myself, but feels like there are already some chemical reactions happened to the...
  2. C

    MASTER THREAD: Removing marks from white seats

    So, I’m a little over a week into a new (to me) Model 3 Performance. I absolutely love it, and I did a lot of reading about how great and stain resistant the white interior is. So, I went with it. Late this week, I left a black baseball hat on the back seat for a few days. The car was in a...
  3. M

    White Seats Stained from Tesla Seatbelts

    Hi All, I'm a new to this forum, and excited to be here. I have owned my Tesla Model X since September 2017, and it's been great. However, my white seats are getting damaged from the seatbelts. Tesla is looking into this, but I wanted to know if anyone else is experiencing the same thing. I...
  4. jusflyguy

    2021 M3 Roof Leak?

    After the first rain in SoCal in months, I just noticed my headliner and side panels with some stains on them. I've only had the car for a month so these stains really stood out. I felt them and they felt damp. I realized that the light rain the day prior may have caused a roof leak. I took...
  5. E

    Suncream Stains on Model 3 Seats

    Unbeknownst to me, a friend wore Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-touch sunscreen, an 85+ helloplex broad spectrum uva-uvb while a passenger in my Model 3 last Thursday. He wore a tee and shorts and so the lotion was transferred to all surfaces of the black seats and arm rests, leaving white stains on...
  6. Airhawker

    Grey Next Generation Seats And Denim Jeans

    After a month and a half in my MS, I've noticed stains on my grey seats from my blue jeans. I wear jeans every day. Anyone have a solution to clean them or are these stains forever? Thanks for your help!
  7. SeminoleFSU

    Products that are safe for cleaning headliner

    Hello folks, Quick question. Does anyone have a recommendation on a product that I can use to clean the non-alacantra (standard) headliner with? I put a large coffee on the roof today, which slipped off the roof and fell into the car (OMG) and splashed everywhere, including on the headliner...