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Buying a used Tesla and I have concerns.

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So I made an order for a Tesla model y long range 2021 seemed like a good deal with the price… but you know teslas horrible policy of not seeing the car until you get to delivery day. So I went yesterday and if they would have shown pictures I would have never reserved this car lol. I’m trying to figure out what I can and cannot fix on this car to see if I should take delivery of it. They let me walk away for a few days so they can reach out to used sales about a few of the concerns. First is the seat stains. There is a seat stain where a car seat was sitting. It’s like an orange ring all the way around the person I talked to said it’s likely in spec I just want to know if there’s a possible fix for this or not. Next the head liner in the back looks like their kids hit it with marker colored pencil or crayon. I don’t know if this can be cleaned or not if not what is the price of a new liner? Again was told likely in spec. Then there was a nasty smell that came from the air vents I’ve heard of this smell with Teslas before but I never imagined it would be this bad? Is there a remedy to this? The charging pad is caked in some nasty *sugar* I know I could just get a cover for it for a few bucks but looking to see if there’s a way to restore it or not. There’s lotion or something sprayed inside the center console I can live with I guess but if someone has an idea about how to get rid of that? The advisor tried telling me this is one of the best used teslas he has seen and I kind of told him he is full of *sugar* because the one I bought 8 months ago was worlds better than this. Are my expectations too high?


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How much are you supposedly paying for it, and how many miles are on it? Does it have any SW enhancements installed, like FSD, or AB?

With the current pricing on new Y's, it would take a great deal for me to ever consider used.
33700 25k miles with acceleration boost and enhanced autopilot even though that doesn’t exist anymore? Current pricing has a lr out of my range and I mainly want the sound. But it’s insane for Tesla to pull the oh we can’t show you anything until you buy it and this be within spec.
Try the usual, for starters. Baby wipes.
They were trying an interior cleaner on it and it wasn’t coming out even a bit. However I had an advisor send me a text about what is in spec with used vehicles and technically this doesn’t meet their specifications as it’s a stain larger than 1 inch. Problem is is how do I get them to honor that if they try to say it is in spec?
try good quality leather cleaner that doesn't have any "lotion" in it. Or use mild detergent with water and soft scrubbing pad. if these do not work, I am not sure how those stains can be removed.
Do you think they will let me try this before taking delivery or am I going to have to roll the dice and pray it works. I can honestly deal with a lot of the things wrong with this car this seat though is huge lol.
Are those crayons or blood marks on the headliner? Sure hope it's the former!
Car looks lived in. I guess for the price, it's alright. Was it used by an Uber driver?
I think it’s crayon or colored pencil seems like it was owned by a nasty family with nasty habits. Looked like the dash had foot dirt on it from where the girl was putting her feet on the dash. You can’t see it in the picture very well but that back seat arm rest is covered in a nasty layer of some red stuff and Tesla forgot to take the kids socks out of the cupholder 🤮 I cannot imagine the state Tesla got this car in lmao. But from the list I was given these things shouldn’t meet spec but I know well enough Tesla will say they are within spec because that seat will cost too much for them to justify swapping out.
There's a fix for all the defects you listed . . . pass on this car and get a better one.
I mean you’re right and I’m not against passing on it. But they are going to make me lose $500 on stuff that should be addressed by them but I know this isn’t how this is going to play out. The price is insanely good and if there are fixes that don’t require multiple thousands of dollars I will do them I’m just feeling like this isn’t a possibility at this point.
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I would not buy that car. If it's as bad as you say (and the pictures show you're about right), then you can only imagine how hard they were overall on that car. It could have problems you can't even see, like mechanical. They were probably very rough with it. I'd pass on it, but of course try to fight to get your deposit back. I can't imagine losing $500 bucks for passing on that car. It is not reasonable to receive a car sight unseen in that condition. It shouldn't have passed their "inspections". But a lot of new cars shouldn't pass either, lol.

I have a mobile tech coming to align the driver's door on my one month old car today, which should have been visible to them before it even left the factory. I spotted it when picking it up....in the dark. Luckily it's minor and it's great other than that. :cool:

Good luck!
I bet the stain has been there for years and will most likely be extremely hard to completely remove. Also, I will definitely PASS that car. $500 will be nothing compare to the potential financial loss and headache and hassle to deal with.
That car fits perfectly into the category of 'AVOID'.
that's the issue had they had pictures on their site I would have never wasted my time or theirs. I'm getting the answer from them if they say that its in spec I'm going to pass and fight them on the wording they gave me for my $500 back.