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  1. C

    Standard Range Plus Autopilot Removed Remotely [by Tesla]

    I bought this 2020 Tesla Model 3, which the sticker indicates is a Standard Range Plus. The car was made in March 2020. The sticker clearly shows this a Standard Range Plus model with base autopilot included. The car has fog lights which only the Standard Range Plus cars were made with. The base...
  2. V

    BRAND new M3 Standard range. What is the max?

    I charged it to 100% a few times and have never seen it go past 214mi. Is the advertised 220 just an estimate or is there something wrong with my car?
  3. R

    Model 3 Standard Range (Canada) Range: 150km

    Hello, I went to Tesla Montreal to get more info about the Model 3 Standard Range. The sellers seems not to have all information how the car was reacting to the software reduced battery limits. Does anybody received the car? If yes, will charge time be reduced to get 100% or reacts like a...
  4. B

    Charging 100% for Model 3 Standard

    I just had an interesting conversation with the Tesla support team. The question I posed was this: Since the Tesla Model 3 standard is identical to the Standard Plus with software locks, namely battery capacity, if you set your charging capabilities to 100% on the App or on the car, are you...
  5. B

    Commuting by Tesla is cheaper than public transport

    Living in a big city, there is always the discussion of whether you drive or take public transport (train, bus, etc.) Usually the public transport is the cheapest, fastest way (if it is the train) way to get into your place of work... not any more. If you live in Chicago neighborhoods and work...
  6. ShearModXY

    Standard Range AWD?

    If there is a thread if this topic already in existence, please reply with a link but... So my wife and I have a reservation down and we want the SR Battery, black paint, 18 Aero Wheels and Premium Interior M3. Do most of you agree or has Elon mentioned that eventually a SR battery car could...
  7. MiamiEV

    New sensor in Falcon Wing doors. No more bruised heads.

    I took delivery of my MX this week and while going over the car I was told about a new sensor that is now built in to the interior of the Falcon Wing doors. The sensor checks if anyone is present underneath the door prior to closing. I have tested and can confirm that it works. Before I...
  8. A

    Upgrading standard sound on Model S and using Chromecast

    I took delivery of my Model S 70 last September and got it with the standard sound system with the idea of upgrading it later. This is going to be long post (and my first post too). My hope is someone trying to do something similar may benefit from my post. I have a signal processing background...
  9. M

    Steering Mode

    Which steering mode do you use most often and why?
  10. S

    Brand New Tesla Model S 19" wheels and tires - Atlanta

    I just ordered a Model S and it will arrive in July. I am planning to add aftermarket wheels and am checking to see if there is interest for someone who wants the 19" wheel package. They will obviously be in MINT condition as they will be new and the only miles on them will be the deliver...
  11. Kipernicus

    What steering mode do you use?

    Curious, what setting do you like and why? Driving home from the factory I thought "wow, this car is squirrely, I can hardly hold a straight line on the freeway!" I quickly put it on Sport and it felt much more stable. Today, I was looking at the Controls screen and discovered that I was...