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  1. M

    Refresh S Stereo

    Running 2021.32.20. Curious if I’m alone in feeling that the refresh S’s soundstage seems to be heavily toward the front. I like the stereo overall quite a bit and the subwoofer sounds great after the latest updates, but I don’t recall ever having this issue before and certainly not with my...
  2. jason.tv

    Stereo Upgrade and Audio Questions

    I am planning to upgrade the audio system and would like to swap out the speakers, tweeters, head unit, and add sub woofer. Few questions if the community can help me out that would be awesome so I can gain little more knowledge on the process and procedures of the correct way to do this. Keep...
  3. A

    Sound System Upgrade

    Hi Model S Community! I recently purchased a used 2016 85D Model S directly from Tesla and the first thing I noticed was the poor audio quality (bass especially) in comparison to my 2009 BMW 650i. I was wondering if anyone has ever upgraded the sound system directly through Tesla or if they...
  4. rudholm

    Finally! A modern stereo for single-DIN Roadsters

    After searching for a long time, I finally found a single-DIN Android car stereo with a screen that doesn't collide with the windshield wiper control stalk or block the HVAC controls or registers. The unit has a 6.2" floating screen, runs Android, has two rear USB ports, and accepts a SIM card...
  5. Colin87849

    Model 3 stereo upgrade question

    hey all, so i have a model 3 standard range plus. i am getting the audio components delivered this week those components are, PIONEER GM-D9701 Mono 2400W Pioneer TS-SWX2502 10 inch Shallow-Mount Pre-Loaded Enclosure Infinity REF-4022cfx 105W 4" Reference Series Coaxial Car Speakers with...
  6. Max Headroom

    Audio quality after 19.16.2 update?

    Has anyone else experienced a degradation of audio quality after the 16.2 update along with reduced bass and a nearly ineffective bass equalizer slider? My "premium sound system" is compromised yet again after a software upgrade and it's especially noticeable when playing "classic rock" songs.
  7. D

    Brackets to install Aftermarket Speakers in Model 3

    Hey all! I've been plotting upgrading my speakers since I got my car in December. Upgrading the 4" speakers might not require brackets to use 2 of the 3 holes, but I also want to do the woofers up front as well (probably with the 8" Focals), and mount all the speakers as well as possible, so...
  8. super20g

    How to isolate speaker/panel rattles?

    Is there a way to send a range of test tones to each speaker individually so you can isolate where rattles and/or distortion are coming from? Or the best one can do is to use the fader to isolate a group of speakers at a time to test?
  9. R1Fast

    ICE/Audio SQ Build Log (Mosconi, ScanSpeak, JL)

    Hi folks, In addition to a decent list of upgrades to the interior, exterior and suspension of my P3D, I'll be doing my own custom audio install. This thread will serve as my build log to share with you all, and if it helps even just one person answer questions on a similar project, it's worth...
  10. S

    Feature request - recent audio sources list

    One of the most annoying parts of the model 3 audio system is the amount of steps it takes to switch from one audio source to another. It would be awesome if your default audio screen was a list of the past 5 (or more!) audio sources you've listened to, because one of those is likely what...
  11. B

    Thinking about adding a sub to your S in the PNW? (Portland area specifically)

    I'm looking to add a sub (basically the NVX kit) to my S, and have a decent amount of DIY experience doing this sort of thing. I've installed five or six various levels of stereos in my vehicles over the years, but this time around my garage is full of other projects! I really want to get this...
  12. R

    Model S - Stereo Installer Wanted

    Can anyone recommended a top-notch stereo installer in the Austin TX area ? My requirements are: 1. First do no harm (to my Model S). 2. Nearly full integration with the current stereo in the touchscreen display and steering controls (although I expect better EQ/bass adjustments to be done by...
  13. L

    Any regrets with MX 60D

    Hello, Deposit is down for the MX 60D and I'm about to get locked in. For those that also went with the 60D, any regrets. How is it living with the range on a day to day basis as well as road trips? What kind of mileage are you typically getting assuming 100% charge? I'm new to the forums and...
  14. M

    Model S Ultra High Fidelity Sound System for Sale

    Hi I upgraded my stereo system from the Ultra High Fidelity Sound System and selling the components. Parts came are from my Signature P85 system. Ping me if your are interested! Parts include - Tesla Premium Amp 2 front and 2 rear speakers 8 inch Sub, (sub only, no box)
  15. S

    WTB: Roadster Double Din Binnacle Vent Flaps

    I've already purchased a double-din binnacle but am still in need of the vent flaps. Anyone have some they are willing to sell? I would be willing to buy the entire binnacle/flap assembly as well... Thanks!
  16. Kate S

    How important is the upgraded stereo option?

    I'm a newbie and this is my first post, so apologies if this is posted in the wrong forum section. I ordered my Model S yesterday. Tech package, pano roof, leather seats were the only options I chose since I'm trying to keep price manageable. I didn't get the upgraded stereo but am kind of...
  17. D

    Speaker Static from iPhone--Any Solutions?

    My iPhone causes static/scratchy noise in the front left speaker when the iPhone is sending/receiving large amounts of data. The noise is pronounced when the iPhone is in the cubby below the touchscreen, but minimized or eliminated when I am holding the iPhone. The noise occurs even when the...
  18. A

    My audio upgrade for "Watt ME" - Reus Audio

    I love my P85, especially now that I have the summer wheels on the car. However, I have been quite disappointed in the stereo system even with the upgraded stereo and the parcel shelf. Years ago I had a custom stereo installed in my Porsche Boxster which was designed and installed by Reuss...