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supercharger network

  1. T

    Brooklyn, NY in dire need of more Superchargers

    The state of supercharging in Brooklyn has gotten outright frustrating. I’ve just learned that to take advantage of the ongoing congestion at Bk superchargers, Brooklyn Museum parking lot has now increased its prices for Teslas using the chargers to $10 for 1 hour and if you go over the 1hr...
  2. lencap

    Just completed 10 day Road Trip with 2023 Model Y RWD - Mixed feelings

    Greetings! My model Y RWD (EDIT - it's AWD) was delivered at the end of April, and now has 4K miles on it, half of them in the last 10 days as the result of a road trip from NC to FL and back. My wife and I had taken a similar road trip in January, driving her 2021 BMW 330e, a plug in hybrid...
  3. MontyFloyd

    Electric Vehicle Charging Program, read the public comments.

    There is 8 days left of Public Comments for the Electric Vehicle Charging Program in Infrastructure Bill. The Docket for this is here, with tabs for Document and Comments. Document is here, the summary: I saw EVgo published a 20 page letter to site (more on that below). Encourage others to...
  4. T3slaOwner

    Superchargers Doubling in 2019?

    As happens at the start of every year Musk says the number of Superchargers will double... "Taking to Twitter, Musk specifically noted that Tesla’s Supercharger network will double by the end of 2019". At the end of 2018 there were 1426 charging stations worldwide and 1624 presently. The...
  5. gnuarm

    Limited Expectations of Realistic Supercharger Network Expansion

    Given that the reservation list in the US is pretty much exhausted and sales of high end model 3s are starting to lag to the point that Tesla is laying off workers to cut costs so they can produce the model 3 base version profitably, it seems to me 2019 is going to be yet another year where...
  6. A

    Cool analysis of Supercharger network

    I thought the TMC community would appreciate a cool analysis of the Tesla supercharger network. The link is: Qlik Demos. I like how you can see the density of the network, and how you can see how its grown over time. The analysis is updated daily, so you can can see a few chargers which were...
  7. T

    Pondering the 2017 Supercharger network expansion

    OK, I know I'm jumping the gun a bit, but I wonder whether Tesla will just continue at the current pace or ramp up the SC network prior to the release of the Model 3. Although I think Tesla has done a good job thus far, I feel it may also be an Achilles heel as production ramps up. The gaps...