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The state of supercharging in Brooklyn has gotten outright frustrating.

I’ve just learned that to take advantage of the ongoing congestion at Bk superchargers, Brooklyn Museum parking lot has now increased its prices for Teslas using the chargers to $10 for 1 hour and if you go over the 1hr you’ll be charged AGAIN upon exit.

The Atlantic Center supercharger constantly has lines now despite the reasonable parking lot prices.

The new Coney Island 250kw supercharger that came online a few months ago is pointless because it’s riddled with lines and conflict. I’ve seen motorists nearly come to blows over skipping and/or confusion over who’s next. I get the congestion since it’s the ONLY supercharger for Southern Brooklyn.

The Williamsburg location is pointless. There are 4 chargers and it’s in a hotel so it’s valet based.

There’s been one in the works for the “Bed Stuy” area near Atlantic Ave and New York Ave but they keep pushing the expected date out and nobody can pinpoint the exact location.

I’m really starting to rethink my EV options for when my lease comes due. This is getting ridiculous and Tesla isn’t moving fast enough to add superchargers to their network in urban areas. Additionally, if you’re going to drop prices on your vehicles (to make them the Uber vehicle of choice) and open up the charging network to non-Teslas, at least make sure that all superchargers at the locations are IN SERVICE.

One last thing, Tesla needs to flex its muscle a little more to get better contract terms for its supercharger agreements so that parking operators can’t price gouge whenever there’s noticeable congestion at the chargers.


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In my area people complain that EV chargers are being built that never gets used and just take up space and waste money. Hahaha, the contrast is hilarious.

Honestly though, you all really need to focus on implementing some overnight charging. If you don't like the options that are available maybe there are other people feeling the same way and there is a business opportunity. Your apartment complex might be interested in partnering with Tesla to install a bunch of destination chargers. It's possible for the facility to enforce fees and generate revenue from them. The Uber drivers would probably appreciate that too.

Again, I would not own an EV if I couldn't charge it at home overnight. Even free supercharging on my daily route is an inconvenience I am not interested in. Once you experience daily overnight charging your world will change.