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suspension fix

  1. Falcon73

    Tesla Multipoint Inspection & Recommended Repairs

    I haven't heard of these "links" before, which are the bulk of the $2.5k repair bill. I will research this here on TMC, but I want to put the estimate up for comments. We are road tripping our MX to Washington state thru NV, UT & ID at the end of the month. I have read about the half shafts...
  2. GeoffEV

    Long Range Suspension is too hard!

    Just got back from 700 mile round trip in our new Model Y - now with 955 miles! We're in our 60s and are in great shape, but we'll only use the Y for local sorties and trips shorter than 100 miles on known to be newer-surfaced highways. Suspension is too stiff, seat cushions are too hard and...
  3. T

    M3P+ Uneven steering feel

    I purchased the car back in August. It feels like it's slightly easier to steer right than it is to the left. Firstly I thought that it was because of road surface and bigger wheels. I can feel it only in lower speeds or on intersections (round abouts). Wheels were aligned before delivery by...
  4. Plasmid_Boy

    Suspension link install

    Does anyone have experience installing the updated rear upper suspension links? I've just got the parts. They look different from the original one on the car (70D) so I am not sure how to install them. In the picture, you see the casted 1H and 2H on them, which I assume mark the left and right...
  5. M

    In home suspension Install for Model3 Only.

    Hi, if you are in the 50-60 mile radius in the Bay Area, give me a shout out for in home suspension installation. You buy your springs of choice or coiler, me and my buddy will come to your home and install it in 4 hours. We will roll down with our tesla and all the tools needed to change your...
  6. L

    Suspension upgrade to early Model 3

    I purchased a Model 3 last March. It therefore has the rough (sporty) suspension. I asked about this and was told that Tesla will install a new suspension that is soft. Softer than what is in the new Model 3's. It was described as like riding an old Cadillac. I have never ridden an old Cadillac...
  7. T

    UP vs MPP Coilover

    Hello everyone, This is my first time posting here. I have read through and couldn't find an answer or anyone’s experience on this: For the people who purchased coilover from MPP or UP, how did you choose? I am debating between the two and can not decide at all. I haven’t been able to find...
  8. Andrew

    Which Model 3 springs for a more comfortable ride?

    We have an early Model 3 (RWD, LR - delivered in January), which had an extremely rough ride quality. We had "the suspension fix" performed by Tesla back in March, but I'm still not happy with the ride quality... It's still too harsh and bumpy. I'm looking at the various spring replacement...