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  1. H

    Model X 22" Wheels Genuine vs Aftermarket

    Hi I was looking at a model X to buy and i saw this on car sales - https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/2020-tesla-model-x-long-range-auto-awd/SSE-AD-15702530/?Cr=0 I have been looking at these for a while and I noticed that all the 2020 and earlier 22 inch rims have the tesla logo in the...
  2. S

    2022+ Tesla Model X All Weather Floor Mats

    Hello TMC! I am in New Jersey and have a full set of all weather floor mats and trunk mat that are brand new for sale. They will fit all 2021+ Tesla Model X vehicles that have the standard 5 seat configuration. I am looking to sell them for $300, but am open to offers.
  3. R

    Today is nine months I have been waiting for my Tesla X to be repaired. What should I do?

    On July 30, 2020, I leased a Tesla Model X vehicle from Tesla Beverly Hills. I also obtained insurance coverage from Tesla Insurance. I have been happy with the car, the autopilot, and the white gloves service in case of repair. I had shared with my community of Italian/expatriates friends in...

    A skeptical Model X Owner tries FSD Subscription.

    So I used to have people from the Model X waiting room asking me to post videos about about the car, my experiences ect. People seemed to have like them. But lately I've been getting negative feedback when I Post on TMC. Hoping this post does not upset anyone. This Video focuses on Tesla Full...
  5. pox

    Tesla Model X For Sale (2022 Refresh) July build

    2022 Model X Refresh Skip the line, 7 months + wait on new orders Full Self Driving Yoke Steering Insane Mode 6 Seats Blue Exterior Swivel Screen White Seats Mobile Charger Wife just can't get used to the Yoke, vents and all the new hotness. Wants to sale or trade for a pre refresh Model...
  6. TSportline

    Vendor Tesla Accessories Labor Day Wekeend Sale: 2022

  7. CCANActionFund

    Vendor Incredible Odds To Win A Rivian Or Another Tesla While Supporting A Nonprofit

    Our nonprofit's 4th annual EV raffle for the climate is undersold. This creates an attractive opportunity for anyone hoping to win a Model X or S Plaid. Your chances of winning are currently better than 1-in-1500 while supporting the climate advocacy work of CCAN Action Fund. The raffle offers...
  8. TSportline

    Vendor Tesla Accessories 4th of July Sale: 10% Off In-Stock Items and Free US Shipping!*

    Get 10% OFF In-Stock Products and Free US Shipping on orders over $49.95! Use Code JULY10 at checkout! 4th of July Sale 2022 Offer Terms and Conditions: 10% off all in-stock items. Backordered products, pre-order products, individual tires, and select products are excluded from this sale. Must...
  9. CS@Tshields

    Vendor Washer fluid recommendations for summer

    It’s been 3 months since I picked up my model y performance and now she’s thirsty for washer fluid. I live in miami so It’s always summer. What do you people use? Do you just go to the gas station and use run of mill or do you have one that you swear by? Also is adding rainex to the fluid...
  10. F

    Wanted: MXLR 2022

    Hello Everyone, I’m looking for Tesla Model X LR 2022 with following specifications - White exterior - Black and White interior - 6 Seater If someone is no longer interested in their order, please reach out. Will try to make a deal immediately.
  11. maxshuty

    Where could mice be entering the HVAC system?

    Long story short we caught a mouse in our MX, along with a bunch of fruit loops and other snacks (we have a 2 year old) that started blowing out of the HVAC system. Something appears to be stuck in the HVAC from that mouse and is now having a burnt smell to it. I removed the passenger dash where...
  12. M

    Tesla Model X 2021 Long Range plus (pre-refresh) for sale. Excellent!

    Just picking up my Plaid replacement vehicle and looking to sell private party versus trading in. 2021 Multi-coat red, Black interior, six seater, 22” wheels, 13,470 miles, ceramic coating (Ceramic Pro), chrome delete with carbon fiber wrap details, Tux-mat all weather floor mats throughout...
  13. F

    Model X Long Range 2022 for sale, brand new!

    Selling: Brand new just picked up with 32 miles on it: Model X Long Range Pearl White Multi-Coat 20'' Cyberstream Wheels All Black Premium Interior with Ebony Décor Six Seat Interior VIN: 7SAXCBE51NF332904 Asking $139k Price is negotiable! Please come forward with your best offer! Hard to find...
  14. S

    Tesla Model X Inductive Phone Charger

    I was frustrated when trying to charge my phone in our Model X. This is my answer to this problem. Look ma', no wires!!
  15. S

    Tesla Model X 75D 2017 (Warranty, Price Negotiable, Specifications Listed)

    *Reposting to include the missing specifications* I've enjoyed my time as a Tesla Owner. I've learned that the things I love the most in a car (quiet cabins, autopilot, low cost of ownership) are found in the Nissan Rogue. I'm looking for a good home for this beauty. Feel free to call or text...
  16. D

    Aftermarket rim question Tesla Model X center bore hubcentric rings Volk ZE40

    Hi guys. First post here so sorry if this was discussed before, but I searched and can't find relevant information. No harm in asking right? So I'm looking for some 19" rims for my 2018 Model X. Everybody seems to go for 20"+ size rims but I'd like to "downgrade" from my stock 20" slipstreams...
  17. A

    Service warning after car wash

    Hi I have 2018 model X100 with 25k miles. After going through the car wash my auto drive cameras not available till next drive to my lights start blinking ( parking and interior lights) after few minutes the cameras not available to get service warring light flashing with exterior and interior...
  18. C

    Issue With Phone Key Card? Tesla Model 3

    In the past, I was able to unlock my Tesla Model 3 without opening the Tesla app. Recently, I've noticed my phone key card started only letting me open my Tesla while using the app. I'm not sure why all of a sudden it stopped working, has anybody else ever experienced this? Or have any solutions...
  19. J

    Like New Tesla Model X/Y Bike Hitch Rack w/ Ski / Snowboard Carrier - $625

    condition: like new make / manufacturer: Tesla / Yakima Bought 1.5 yrs ago but never ended up using between having a baby and COVID keeping us home bound and now turning our Model X in on its lease; our loss, your gain. Extremely sturdy and functional setup just in time for winter season...
  20. T

    Vendor Individualize your Tesla - Now offering vinyl wraps and Vossen wheels

    Tesla Model S Hexis deep matte black vinyl wrap 3M gloss black chrome delete XPEL Prime XR Plus nano-ceramic window tint treatment Pearl yellow painted calipers Vossen wheel in gloss black Custom center caps Tinted taillights
  21. K

    FS: Stock Model X 20" Tires (SoCal) (Continental CrossContact LX Sport) - $700

    I'm selling the stock Model X 20" tires Swapped my tires to something else soon after delivery, so tires are like new. Continental CrossContact LX Sport 2 x 265/45R20, 2 x 275/45R20 Retail $1300++ new Selling $700 + Shipping or pickup. I'm located in Garden Grove, CA
  22. spotlightres

    Vendor Exclusive Automotive Research Event

    To whom it may concern, I am reaching on behalf of Spotlight Market Research. We are a market research firm looking for hand selected individuals to take part in a unique research event on behalf of a major automotive manufacturer. For this specific event we are looking to hear your thoughts...
  23. spotlightres

    Vendor Exclusive Automotive Research Event

    To whom it may concern, I am reaching on behalf of Spotlight Market Research. We are a market research firm looking for hand selected individuals to take part in a unique research event on behalf of a major automotive manufacturer. For this specific event we are looking to hear your thoughts...
  24. climatexchange

    Vendor Win for you. Win for the environment.

    Climate XChange’s annual Tesla raffle is back and tickets are going FAST! We're a small Boston based non-profit with a mission to provide research, education, and advocacy tools to stakeholders across the country who are working to pass meaningful climate policy at the state and local level. In...
  25. DrTaras

    2016 Tesla Model X P90DL Ludicrous PIMPED-Unlimited SuperCharging-6 or 7 Psgr-TSportline 22" Wheels

    2016 Tesla Model X P90D Ludicrous PIMPED OUT 6 or 7 Passenger: TSportline Wheels Unlimited SuperCharging Transferable-Matte Black/Red Don't be hesitant to make an offer!!! This is MY car (I'm not a dealer)! Tesla Wrote Me (Warranty & SuperCharging): Super Charging: "Since your Model X was...
  26. TSportline

    Vendor Black Friday / Cyber Monday Sale: Buy more, Get More! Save Up to $1,500 on Tesla Accessories!

    Buy More, Get More $700-$1,350 receive a $150 discount $1,351-$2,750 receive a $300 discount $2,751-$4,250 receive a $500 discount $4,251-$6,750 receive a $1,000 discount $6,751+ receive a $1,500 discount BUY MORE, GET MORE OFFER TERMS & CONDITIONS * Valid online only. Excludes Core Exchange...
  27. C

    Looking for right rear passenger door panel for Model X P100D

    Wow, these are tough to find. Anybody got a spare P100D gull wing passenger side door panel in white handy?
  28. EVS Motors

    Vendor Tesla Model X and Model 3 Vorsteiner Builds

    Just wanted to share some pics of two builds we built that compliments each other. Here we have a 2019 Tesla Model X 100D and a 2018 Tesla Model 3 Performance. Both cars started off from Tesla in the original Pearl White Finish. When we got our hands on them we wrapped both cars in Satin...
  29. Socalautoart

    Tesla art

    instagram and facebook: socalautoart
  30. mainecoon

    San Francisco Bay Area - SFTesla Club Meet Up - Sat, September 21st

    Hi everyone, hope everyone had a nice summer. As we transition into the Fall season and in the sprit of EV week around the country, we will be meeting on Saturday, September 21st for a drive and lunch in beautiful wine country. This is a fun, educational event for which all Tesla owners and...
  31. Rodztintshop

    Vendor Tesla Appreciation Day Event in Orange County, CA

    We are happy to announce that Rodz Tint Shop will be holding an appreciation event to celebrate our 2nd year in Fountain Valley and give thanks to our Tesla customers. Lunch and refreshments will be provided; along with chances to win a raffle prize every hour! Click on the link below to...
  32. T

    Vendor Teslas & Coffee hosted by The Tesla Studio in Tampa

    On May 25th we will be hosting the first Teslas & Coffee in the Florida's west coast. This event will be held the last Saturday of every month from 8am-10am at our facility The Tesla Studio 12911 N Nebraska Ave. Tampa, FL. 33612 We invite everyone to come out and socialize with fellow Tesla...
  33. SSCustoms

    Vendor SSCustoms Ceramic Pro Ceramic Coating Blog

    Adding a CeramicPro nano-ceramic coating to your vehicle is the same as an additional clear coat, with up to 3 times the hardness and self-cleaning properties. At the Vehicle Enhancement Studio, we perform countless Ceramic Pro Ceramic Coating treatments per week. Stay up-to-date with this...
  34. A

    Model X 22" Onyx wheels for sale - BRAND NEW

    Brand new Tesla 22" Onyx black wheels - Never used or mounted to a vehicle From Tesla factory 100% authentic. Come balanced and ready to install to your vehicle. Come with brand new Pirelli Scorpion tires. Fits all Tesla Model X's. Size: 265/35ZR22
  35. Sun Control of MN

    Vendor Tesla Model X Paint Protection Film Install (Clear Bra)

    Things get ugly out there. But 3M Scotchgard Paint Protection Film Pro Series helps preserve the quality of your vehicle's finish and keeps your vehicle looking newer longer. It's piece of mind for paint. Anywhere your vehicle is exposed to damaging elements -- That's the ideal place to install...
  36. XCare EV

    Vendor “X-Care EV Protection” - First 3rd Party Service Agreement for Model S, Model X and Model 3!

    Hello TMC community! We are VERY excited to announce a product that we have been working on for the last several months…”X-Care EV Protection” - the first (and only) vehicle service agreement for Model S, Model X, and Model 3! Xcelerate Auto, in partnership with Endurance Dealer Services and...
  37. P

    2016 Model X 75D for sale

    2016 Model X 75D with new signature black wall connector Build - 06/2016, Miles - 20,800 Asking - $70k Located In SoCal (Inland Empire) Dual Motor All Wheel Drive Titanium Metallic Paint 20" Silver Wheels Tan Leather Seats Dark Ash Wood décor Black Headliner Six Seat Interior Supercharger...
  38. P

    BRAND NEW Model X 22" Forged Turbine Wheels and Tires 4 SALE

    I was just awarded a brand new set of 22" Forged Turbine Wheels and Tires (for the Model X) from the Tesla Referral program. I'm not interested in swapping out my current wheels. So, anyone interested in buying these at a discount from list price? Asking for $3250 OBO. I am in the Bay Area...
  39. D

    Need Help - MBA project

    Hi all, I'm currently enrolled in an MBA program through the University of Oregon (U of O). I'm looking for 5 responses on the following questions. Any help would be much appreciated. What is your age range? 30 or Under 31 to 50 51 to 70 71 or over What is your gender? What is...
  40. C

    I need your help finishing a project

    Hi everyone!! I'm a grad student working on a project about electric cars and range anxiety, i need some data for my survey to complete my project, please fill the survey by clicking the link. I would really appreciate if i could get some electric car owners to participate in the survey(plz feel...
  41. TSportline

    Vendor T Sportline Tesla Accessories Black Friday Sale!

    Black Friday Sale: Spend More, Get More! Save Up to $1,500 off your next purchase! $700-$1,350 receive a $150 discount $1,351-$2,750 receive a $300 discount $2,751-$4,250 receive a $500 discount $4,251-$6,750 receive a $1,000 discount $6,751+ receive a $1,500 discount * Valid online only...
  42. R

    Tesla Model X on Rennen CSL 4 Wheels

    Tesla Model X on a set of Rennen CSL 4 wheels. The CSL 4's are 22x10.5 all around and are powdercoated diamond black. Please let us know what you think or contact us for a set of your own.
  43. H

    2016/2017 Tesla Model X 75D 15,010 Miles - Message Me with Offers!

    Hello Everyone, I am parting ways with my 2016/2017 Tesla Model X 75D with 15,010 miles (Delivered 12/31/2016). This car is in excellent condition with low mileage and has been extremely well cared for. I have had no issues or defects with this car. I am the single owner. I'm looking to...
  44. EVTuning

    Vendor Rear Adjustable Camber Bushings for Model S/X Group Buy

    Hello Tesla Motors Club Members! My name is Chris Salvo, and I am the owner of EV Tuning Solutions, a new vendor to the TMC Forums. Prior to starting EV Tuning Solutions, I was a Tesla Technician and Parts Advisor for about four and a half years. Before life at Tesla I was a Factory Trained BMW...
  45. MelaniainLA

    Time running out for Model X 2017 *massive* business-use tax deduction

    Hi everyone, As some of you are aware from previous threads here and on Forums and Reddit, because the Model X has a weight (GVWR, which is printed on a sticker on inside of frame on driver's door) of greater than 6000 lbs, it qualifies as a commercial heavy-duty vehicle, not as a passenger...
  46. A-E

    Vendor One of the Craziest Colors We've Seen On a Tesla!!!

    What color would you wrap your Tesla? Check out the Tiffany Blue Tesla Model X P90D from one of our recent Tesla transformations. This is a 3M Vinyl Wrap that covers all the exterior body panels of the vehicle. Vinyl wrap protects the paint's surface from damage caused by rock chips and road...
  47. TSportline

    Vendor T Sportline Tesla Model X Wing Available Now!

    Our Model X Wing in autoclaved carbon fiber gives adds a sporty look to the backend of your Model X. Attached with pre-installed double sided tape. Click Here for More Info! Click Here for More Info!