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track day

  1. V

    Track events that allow Tesla within 3-4 hours from DFW area.

    Cresson Motorsport ranch and eagles canyon don’t seem to allow electric vehicles for track days or HPDE. Can anyone point me to events I can use my M3P in? I’m in dfw area, but will travel 3-4 hours if I need to.
  2. P

    Fixing outer shoulder tire chunking: Bridgestone RE-71RS's, Michelin PS4S's, or camber?

    Hello everyone, I've been getting tire chunking or peeling from using the P Zero PZ4s on the track. Would switching to an extreme summer performance tire (200WT) such as the RE71RS's help? In my last car I also used the Michelin PS4S's on the track, but the car was also a lot lighter than my...
  3. Blue heaven

    West Australian Track Day

    The Tesla Owners Club of Western Australia is holding a track day event on 18th March 2023 from 8:00am. Places are strictly limited for those who want to drive their cars quickly on a safe private race track. The venue for the event is Driver Risk Management at 16 Grogan Rd, Perth Airport WA...
  4. KirillK

    Model Y on the track

    I couldn't find a thread about track time and racing in general on Model Y. Is anyone else using Model Y Performance for autocross or lapping? On our local autocross events there are multiple Model 3s - one is always 1st/2nd, another two are usually in top 10 (out of 80 cars). I don't feel...
  5. N

    FREE - Michelin Sport 4s Summer Performance Tires 235/35/20

    I’m giving away a set of tires previously used on my Model 3 Performance (2020). Great summer/track option for someone with 20 inch wheels. They have about 10k miles on them and are in good shape. I sold the car and no longer need them. First come, first serve! 40 Twin Circle Drive...
  6. R

    Model 3s at the track

    I am about to order a 3 because I wanted a fun sporty car that will fit my dog crate. In the past all my daily drivers (miata, lotus) have also been my track car but I can’t imagine it in a Model 3 primarily because of the lack of charging at most tracks. I’d love to hear from folks that do...
  7. beastmode13

    BeastMode13's Dual Purpose P3D Build Journey

    I have the curse of being an enthusiast that can't just leave things alone. Perhaps a few of you out there can relate to this. :) After starting several threads on installations and track performance related FYI, I find myself going back to those threads time and time again when I'm working...
  8. beastmode13

    Track, AutoX, Time Trial, Drag Racing

    Trackies, I know you are out there. Please show your support for our dedicated subforum. @MountainPass @UnpluggedP @EVTuning, this could be an excellent opportunity for you to sponsor a subforum. ;)
  9. B

    Calabogie Novice Day - Saturday June 1st@3pm (Tesla group)

    Join the Tesla Owners of Ottawa at the Calabogie Motorsports Park for Novice Track day! We are planning a Tesla run group @ 3pm on June 1st. No experience needed, and they have chargers on-site! For more details see Novice Days - 1morelap To register go to 1morelap Novice Day Saturday June...
  10. beastmode13

    Racing Brake XT910 vs XT970

    This is a comparison between RB XT910 and RB XT970 as daily driver pad. RB XT910 is part of the Racing Brake BBK upgrade I installed a month ago. You can read about the brake job here. The caliper is a 4-pot just like stock P3 Brembo caliper. Unlike Brembo with a pair of same-sized pistons...
  11. M

    Shaved off 3.3s off previous PB at BRP. Best Randy's time in a stock P3D

    Had a great day with Turn8 TrackDays at BRP. Shaved 3.3 seconds off previous PB (2:04.5) with the same setup. Huge shout out to Steven Chan for his virtual coaching. He took my .vbo files as well as driving videos and analyzed it against his own. He let me know what I can improve at each corner...
  12. SD_Engnr

    MPP Front rotors for P3D+

    Finally got my set of front rotors from @MountainPass and wanted to share some details and pictures. Quick install guide is after the pics... They are beautiful, so it's a shame I've got to install them to just dirty them up, but I wouldn't have it any other way :) Details: Stock P3D+ rotors...
  13. MountainPass

    Vendor Track Day Guide for Beginner and Experienced Model 3 Owners

    Track Day Guide With our years of building, racing and driving in top level sports car racing series in North America, we’ve learned a lot – and we can help give you the simple, useful information you need to make your track day a success. I love the fact that an article like this is not only...
  14. Brightonuk

    Track Day Done!!

    What an experience:biggrin::biggrin: Gotta say I was very very nervous going out the first time but they paired me up with a pro who races every weekend so he tried to keep me on the track showing me when to turn in to a corner and it is way later than you think, so late I was thinking he...
  15. 7racer

    Track day this weekend...charge mode and driving mode question?

    Track day *update* charging, drive mode, suspension,video Unfortunately, my GT-R is stuck in Georgia getting suspension work and won't have it back in time for this weekends track day at MSR so instead will drive the Roadster. I did a search but wanted to double check. Since the limiting...
  16. mnx

    track day prep

    So I thought I'd start a discussion on prepping the Model S for a track day. I've been dropping my tire pressure a little for when I go to the track. I found I had temperatures to be best across the tread when I have 40psi front and 41 psi rear... Anything that could be removed...