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  1. James@Tessie

    Available Tessie — TMC Special: 10% Off

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  3. amerimark

    TezLab - The Best Third-Party Tesla App

    When it comes to overall features and functionality, I believe the TezLab app is the best third-party app one can use with their Tesla. I’ve had the app track my driving and charging stats for the past 43,000 miles and it’s been outstanding. The data is presented to you with a sleek interface...
  4. P

    Ways to track amount of home charging vs supercharging/non-home charging?

    Hey everyone! My apartment complex wants me to pay for the amount of electricity I use for charging. Is there a way to track how much kW I use from a 240V 6-50 NEMA outlet every month? I was also wondering if the car already somehow tracks supercharger kW vs home kW so that I can just go off of...
  5. Vedaprime

    School of the Hidden Vins - Guide to Tracking your Tesla after ordering

    School of the Hidden Vins If you are have a new Tesla order, this post describes how the process works. 1. Make the order, and pay the deposit 2. Install the Chrome extension Hidden vin finder Tesla VIN finder A vin number is hidden in the source code. This means your order has been...
  6. M

    How to see a history of vehicle usage in app or in tesla account?

    I have had my telsa m3 for a bit over 2 weeks but I think I am not able to find some features or they are mysteriously missing. I have another vehicle, plug-in kia optima and I can use the app or online to see trips that the car has made even mark them as leisure or business if I needed to for...
  7. ACarneiro

    More Uk-bound Ships?

    So now that the Grand Dahlia and the Grand Mark have landed and I still have no VIN, it may well be that I've not got any of the cars on either of those ships. Is there any info regarding future loads of M3s coming over to Europe? Any other ships I should be feverishly tracking? ;)
  8. ocEVguy

    Tesla online store sucks!

    Does anybody know what the heck is the matter with the Tesla Online Store? I ordered a J1772 to Tesla converter back on 5/25 for $95 and Tesla took my money right away of course! Then I received a email on 5/27 saying my order has shipped but when I click on the FedEx tracking # , it just...
  9. dfwatt

    Top Gear issue shows Model 3 DMP trouncing BMW M3

    I can't remember all the many times the various forums have had both Tesla owners and BMW owners/visitors both arguing that the BMW M3 would 'easily' beat the Model 3 DMP around the track. We've seen suggestions on Fastest Laps (not a highly reliable source) and more meaningfully in Randy...
  10. O

    Car Tracking Devices?

    There are plenty of 4g OBDII trackers out there, but with the MS not having an OBDII it's useless. There is also the flaw of mobile connectivity being able to be turned off (unless pin to drive enabled). Anyone found viable options for this? I have an onboard security/traffic camera in addition...
  11. pmich80

    Watts Usage Per Kilometre

    For those of you that have your Model 3, what watts usage have you been getting in your model 3? I think the target is 150 watts per km. (75,000 watts battery divided by 499 km range) = 150 watts/km range. It'd be great to get screen caps and updates as more and more individuals get their...
  12. Plugsuvohio

    Tracking Autopilot Distance / usage

    I use AP1 a lot on my MX90D, and on repeat trips from the Cleveland area to both Pittsburgh and Buffalo, attempted to keep track of when I drove vs the autopilot system. I do not see a way where the system can keep track for you of trip miles in these 2 modes. So I used my wife making paper...
  13. B

    Let's try to figure out the Tesla Software rollout process!

    I think it would be fun / interesting and maybe useful to try to figure out the rhyme or reason for software updates and the process for rollouts. In order to do this, we / I need to collect some data, that we can then analyze to try to come up with any patterns such as geolocation, model etc...