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  1. S

    Expired Torklift Stealth EcoHitch receiver adapter - Looking to Sell/Trade/Buy [Expired]

    This thread is for the general discussion of the marketplace listing Torklift Stealth EcoHitch receiver adapter - Looking to Sell/Trade/Buy. Please add to the discussion here.
  2. C

    Autopilot while Trailer Mode

    I can not enable autopilot while towing a trailer with Trailer Mode active. Is it possible to use autopilot while towing if i upgrade to EAP or FSD? or Disabling Trailer Mode altought towing a trailer to able to use autopilot? (Of course not recommended but a solution?)
  3. Deaf Paul

    Cant Make Head and Tail of: Aftermarket Tow Hitch/Wiring Options for HW 4.0 Cars

    I've spent the last few days reading dozens of threads on this here and still am at a loss as of to how to best get a new MYP with HW 4.0 to tow so i can get rid of my gas tow vehicle. My MYP is an inventory car that I put a deposit on, so I was unable to add the hitch option. It's due to...
  4. K

    Euro 2019+ Model 3 Trailer Wiring Module ECU and plug whip $300 obo

    I had a friend in Europe snag these for me, but my car is just a little bit too early to have the gray plug behind the bumper to utilize them. This is a plug n' play option for trailer light wiring if you have a 2019+ Model 3. I was going to snip the euro trailer connector off and graft on a 4...
  5. T

    Will I get a glider trailer into the supercharging areas?

    I've recently ordered M3 AWD LR + towbar. Very excited and thinking about various practicalities. One of them is that I'm a glider pilot, and will be visiting other clubs around the country with my own glider, which is transported in a ~8m long trailer (this one, to be exact). This will...
  6. D

    Nervous abt pulling travel trailer-equipment suggestions?

    We just got our Y w hitch a couple weeks ago & are anxious to hook up an R-Pod 179 (2500lbs). It’s a light & narrow trailer but the Y hitch is 10” off the ground. Do we need sway bars? What do we do abt the brake controller we were using in our 4Runner? We love the car-just worried abt messing...
  7. S

    Towing travel trailer with Model Y

    Hi folks, I was wondering what kind of travel trailers people are towing with their Model Y. I am really interested in the Airstream's Basecamp (link), and the weight is only 2650 lbs, which is under the Model Y's towing capacity of 3500 lbs. But I noticed that the hitch weight of the Basecamp...
  8. G

    Model Y Trailer Wiring Harness - Part Number?

    Hello Tesla People! I've been hunting high and low for this. Like many of you I've ordered an aftermarket EcoHitch for my Model Y and am happy to work through the installation on my own. Re: a wiring harness, I have not found any 7-pin connector solutions and also can not see a reasonable way...
  9. secobarbital

    Tekonsha Prodigy RF trailer brake controller setting on Bowlus

    I am getting ready to tow our Bowlus Road Chief with our 2016 Model X 90D for the first time and tried to adjust the trailer brake today. The instructions say to increase the power setting until the manual override locks up the trailer brakes then back it down, but I was not able to lock it up...
  10. jmatero

    Transporting Dirt Bike(s)

    Does anyone with a Y and the factory tow package transport a dirt bike (or more than one)? My son has a Honda CRF-125 which is about 200 lbs and noticed there are some single carriers out there but most seem to be for class-3. And you know kids... now my younger is interested so seems like a...
  11. rgedad

    Trailering a Boat - Florida to DFW

    So - the good news - I just bought a 15' Boston Whaler SuperSport bay boat (See Photo). The interesting news is I picked it up in Fort Lauderdale, FL area to trailered it back home to Fort Worth, Tx - 1343 miles total (See attached ABRP chart for trip down to pick-up). First time long distance...
  12. jwwilsonmd

    Keep trailer power on

    Does anyone know a way to keep the power on that feeds and attached trailer lights? This also powers a small light inside my cargo trailer. Once the car shuts off and locks, the power goes off. Any hack to keep that supply on, other than running a separate power from the rear DC plug? Many...
  13. Janssen_Ronald

    Rijden met aanhanger met de Tesla Model 3

    Ik heb vorige week mijn M3 LR DM verkocht met als enige reden de ontbrekende trekhaak. Vrijdag 21-6 in de trein een inventory DM LR met trekhaak gekocht en die is donderdag 27-6 geleverd!!! Kortom -> dit weekend even het trekken uitproberen. Ons doel is om over drie weken met de vouwwagen...
  14. L

    Hint: Hitch plastic cover clips

    Hi. I use my MX hitch a lot. While the original plastic cover was not well thought out, it does create a smooth surface and a decent seal, so I like to use it when I am not towing. But I ALWAYS struggle getting the plastic clips out with my fingernails. I tried leaving the plastic clips out...
  15. DutchTM3

    What type of connector used for tail lights

    Hi, I am looking at installing a trailer harness. Rather than splicing or piercing the little wires that end up in the connector of the tail lights, I would like to get my hands on a set of similar male and female connectors (well, two sets actually, one for the driver side taillight and one...
  16. ecarfan

    RV trailer with 80kWh battery and motors

    See Dethleffs puts a new spin on towing with an electric camping trailer that nearly drives itself I haven’t found much information about this trailer other than the minimal amount that is in that English language article (there are number of German articles about it as well). It appears that...
  17. D

    Putting the "utility" into XUV

    What's the weirdest or most useful thing you've done with your X? Here's one we did while waiting for the Tesla pickup: Though, I'd highly recommend _not_ renting a trailer from U-Haul - their trailer was garbage and felt like it was going to pull the rear bumper off. Buying a proper trailer...
  18. J

    Model x aanhanger

    Beste forumleden, Zou er interesse bestaan voor een “Tesla” aanhanger? Zo ja welk budget zou je hiervoor in gedachten hebben? Overweeg een serie van 10 stuks te maken. Incl goedkeuring, LED verlichting, extreem goede lagering voor minimale rolweerstand, aluminium uitgevoerd of in gewenste org...
  19. xpitxbullx

    Installed a hitch and wiring harness on my M3

    Installed an Eco Hitch on my M3. I also wired a 4 prong harness for about $25 in parts. The wiring is also completely hidden. It accelerates like I’m not pulling anything. The trailer has standard bulbs and works fine but I’m going to switch them out for LED.
  20. Z

    Yakima Rack and Roll Trailer hauling bikes

    I need to haul five bikes around. Before buying the Model X I put four bikes on a 1up rack and put one bike on a roof rack. Roof racks don't work well on the X so now I'm looking at trailers. Yakima is the best trailer I've found so far (I'm open to other suggestions.) I liked the fact that...
  21. Z

    Prodigy P3 Brake Controller to Console Adapter

    I've been working on making a Tekonsha Prodigy P3 Brake Controller to Tesla Model X Console Adapter. I really didn't want to put holes in my dash and wanted the brake controller to be secure yet easily installed / removed into the console. The adapter will slide into the console the same way...
  22. bugZPDX

    Tipoon Camp Trailer

    I'm really hoping this makes its way to the US. It looks to be a great trailer option for the MX. I'm thinking it would be fairly simple to have a custom fiberglass airflow guard installed on the front to lessen the drag even further. Car-Friendly Camp Trailer Triples in Size
  23. Chrisizzle

    Road trip w/ trailer - Toronto, Wyoming (off road), Utah, Toronto

    Hello all, I will chronicle my experience in case it helps someone in the future. I am planning a road trip from Toronto Canada, to Casper Wyoming. I will spend a week there for the Adventure Racing World Championships. Much of that will be on dirt roads (or worse) in an area already devoid of...
  24. ohmman

    Charging Travel Trailer Battery from Tesla

    The Model X has a 7-pin trailer connector, and one of those pins (#4) supplies +12V which, if connected properly, can charge the trailer's battery during travel. In an ICE, this power is supplied by the alternator and vehicle's 12V battery. On the Tesla, I'm assuming it's provided by the 12V...
  25. Evil.Labrat

    P100D usable battery capacity

    Hauling a loaded trailer in an XP100D from the Dalles, Oregon to Kennewick, Washington. Started at the Dalles SC at 98% and ended up at 1% at the Kennewick SC. The reported energy consumption was 89.3kWh after 131.3 miles. So with 97% used that puts the useable capacity of this pack with about...
  26. fortytwo

    TeslaXCanada - One Wild Idea

    Hi everybody. We are Silke, Rolf and Kye "wuff". We are on our trip across Canada from Victoria to St. John's Newfoundland with our Model X towing a camping trailer. We will be posting here about our experiences, or provide links to our videos and blog posts.
  27. T

    Battery Bank for Mobile Medical Business

    The company I work at operates ~20 30' mobile dental units that treat patients at long term care facilities, we build our units from an empty shell into very nice trailers. We operate in ~10-12 states in various climates and all of our units are powered by noisy unreliable 13kw generators in a...
  28. B

    Ramp launching a boat from a trailer?

    Please see the text below that I just read from the latest manual version 7.1. I launch/retrieve my 1200 lb sailboat/trailer from a boat ramp. The procedure described below on page 68 and 69 would make that so cumbersome as to be impossible. For those of you that do not ramp launch/retrieve...
  29. B

    model x battery trailer idea

    I don't think this will ever come to be but yesterday I was thinking about what it would be like if Tesla made a trailer that basically had a battery as the floor, much like the cars. It could connect to the charge port of the X and double the range. Now, getting someone to fork over tens of...
  30. fortytwo

    Camping Trailer Selection for Model X

    During the Model X launch event an Airstream was towed on the stage as an example. We are looking for a camping trailer. Our requirements are as follows: 2 independent sleeping areas shower/toilet light weight and aerodynamic for good range ample space on the roof to put semi-flexibe solar...
  31. J

    EcoHitch (or other?) installer North of Boston?

    Just got my 85D and could really use a trailer hitch for a bike rack (no towing). EcoHitch seems to be the way to go. They list two local installers, but neither have ever installed on a Tesla (and they've only installed a few). Has anyone had a hitch installed North of Boston? Or a potential...
  32. patrick42h

    Model X trailer mode

    I just wanted to float an idea that I had for the Model X. It seems likely that Tesla will officially support towing with the Model X, but not with the Model S. Given that, what do you think about a "trailer mode" to be used when pulling a trailer? I started thinking about this when I learned...