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  1. S

    Door Ding

    Somebody hit my driver's door in the parking lot! I scheduled an appointment with Tesla for next week but does any body have any rough estimate on this dent?
  2. B

    Smoke so thick that Solar Panels are operating below 50%. Adding Wind turbine support?

    I'm evacuated and the grid power is out, but my wireless internet is active so I have been able to monitor my system. I had a new "Small" Tesla energy storage system installed in January (although not finally turned on until June) with two Power Walls instead of one (which was recommended at...
  3. Brando

    Earth Day - Tony Seba - Disruption of Oil, Petrol Vehicles, Coal

    22 April 2020 - Keynote for Visionary Day at the 1st World CleanTech Week eConvention Tony Seba has studied historical technology disruptions. He also recalls his projections 7 to 10 years back on where we would be in 2020 - see how accurate he was. Interesting and Informative about technology...
  4. B

    Overextended drivers door from wind gust.

    Hi there! Unfortunately this past weekend I had a very unlucky experience when opening my door to get out and grab some chipoltle. Literally as soon as I pressed the door button the wind caught the door and violently opened it and I heard the sound of the metal flexing. It returned and shut and...
  5. Fernand

    Model 3 Car covers? Tesla's are silly expensive.

    I'm wondering what people are doing to shield their precious, you know like those of us who don't have a garage, or can't find free space in that old treadmill, bicycles, toys, tools and other gadgets storage facility that once was a garage. After all, a freezer is important, and all that...
  6. David29

    Pretty happy in the Nor'easter

    We are having a major Northeast storm here in the Boston area today, and I had occasion to drive about 30 miles in the heavy rain and wind. Air temperature was about 40F, winds are in the 25-35 mph range, rain is intermittently quite heavy. I have had my Model S 2-1/2 years, so I have driven...
  7. A

    To Create and Innovate are Synonymous

    In order to reap the full benefits of sustainability we must sow seed of responsibility. None can dismiss the devastation recent major storms have left behind in Texas Florida Puerto Rico and other Carribbean isles along their path. Less covered by mainstream media was the 7.1 magnitude...
  8. Waiting4M3

    Arcadia vs PG&E Solar Choice

    I live in a townhouse so do not have the option of doing solar myself, so I'm looking into community solar type program. I've been reading about Arcadia, which works with your utility to make sure you use green energy (mostly wind). Their premium plan charges $0.015/kwh, which in my case works...
  9. F

    Typhoon, Model X, Falcon Wing Doors

    Typhoon season officially begins, was with my X at a very open area just now and can't help but wonder...is there an official figure for maximum wind speeds that the FWD can safely operate??
  10. Az_Rael

    I may have found the max wind load for the pano roof

    Driving home on a typical "breezy" day for the Antelope Valley, I had some issues with my pano roof closing properly. I was driving about 65mph with a 40mph headwind and the pano open. I turned south onto the freeway and decided to close the roof since it gets a lot louder in a crosswind...
  11. Discoducky

    Heavy head winds and needed range from Supercharger

    Heading to The Dalles, OR from Kennewick Supercharger requires way more range than nav thinks due to very consistent heavy head winds. While being towed 4 miles to he Supercharger, the driver mentioned ICE drivers also run out consistently. Left Kennewick with 30 buffer rated miles and...