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windshield wipers

  1. Kurzgesagt

    Windshield Wiper Fluid is not dispensing

    Hello all, I am curious if anyone has any troubleshooting suggestions for the windshield wiper fluid not dispensing for a pre-refresh Model X. When I engage the wiper fluid button on the turn signal stock, the wipers activate but no fluid. Yes, the fluid is topped up. Thanks in advance!
  2. T

    Rain not beading on windshield

    Hope this has not been covered elsewhere in these forums. I've got a late-2018 model 3, and am located in Vancouver BC. We have reasonable amounts of rain, so wiper functionality/good rain visibility is (obviously) important. I'm having difficulty seeing through the windshield in heavy rain...
  3. S

    Rain-X / Aquapel for front wind shield

    To start off with, yes, I've used the search feature. Hit some pretty serious rain lately down here in Florida, much more than the SoCal-rain calibrated Model 3 was designed for. I've legitimately never seen the windshield get so bad, and even on the wiper's fastest setting it seemed like...
  4. H

    Auto Setting for Windshield Wipers

    I've had my Model 3 since March, and in general I think the human factors engineering is pretty good. However, I am amazed that the auto setting for the windshield wipers isn't cancelled when you leave the car. It seems to me that this is just asking for your to forget it's on when, on the next...
  5. L

    Tesla Cybertruck Uses Lasers instead of Windshield Wipers!

    Tesla Cybertruck Uses Lasers instead of Windshield Wipers to vaporize water and debris off the windshield:
  6. Smoofv

    Model 3 Wiper Fakeout

    After we ran power for the Model 3, we decided to finish the garage. We're not done yet , but as soon as we finished mudding, the car began to fire up the wipers full blast every time we started it, or pulled it into the garage, The mud over the drywall screws must look like rain to the optics...
  7. fablau

    Summon starts windshield wiper?!

    Hello everyone. I own a Model S 70 with summon and autopilot (hardware version 1), and something changed in one of the last 2-3 updates which makes start the windshield wiper,so almost every time I summon my Tesla to get out of the garage. I summon the car, then the wipers start, make a full...
  8. tpedwards

    Windshield wipers inoperable in 2018.32.4

    Has anyone else had trouble with windshield wipers in 2018.32.4? I had 2018.32.4 pushed in a desperate attempt to resolve the IC reboot in my non-AP P85. However, I discovered that my windshield wipers no longer work. Pushing the stalk to manually trigger a wipe does nothing either. I did...
  9. David29

    Pretty happy in the Nor'easter

    We are having a major Northeast storm here in the Boston area today, and I had occasion to drive about 30 miles in the heavy rain and wind. Air temperature was about 40F, winds are in the 25-35 mph range, rain is intermittently quite heavy. I have had my Model S 2-1/2 years, so I have driven...
  10. Jetson

    Auto Windshield Wipers Not So Automatic

    I know, or at least I hope, this will be updated in a future software release: As you can see, I find I have to turn them to manual.
  11. X

    Scratches on windshield

    Hello everyone, as I have posted before I have had problems with visibility when using the wipers. After much complaining I convinced the SC replace them and things improved. There's still a spot that gets streaky but since it's not right in my field of vision I can live with it. One thing...
  12. N

    Just took X delivery and windshield washers not working

    I took delivery of my X90D in Paramus NJ. I used the delivery checklist but neglected to check if the windshield washers work. Low and behold, try it just a few hours later and the washers are non functional. I pushed the button in all the way until I felt the 2nd click and even hear the washer...
  13. plasmo

    Windshield wiper fluid broken?

    I'm in Chicago, and it's cold. I haven't really used the windshield wiper fluid until recently, and after pushing in the button (both light and deep), nothing happens other than move the windshield wipers across the dash. I checked the fluid and topped it off, which was almost full. Does...