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  1. E

    Payment not complete!?

    I just picked up my new MYLR Saturday. I wanted to pay in full at pickup. I did not have enough money in one account to do so and wanted to pay from two bank accounts. By the time I was picking up my car there was not enough time to transfer the funds and have them available. An associate at...
  2. D

    2021 MY max current on factory installed tow harness

    I have a factory installed tow harness on my 2021 MY that has the lead-acid 12v battery. I recently had a short develop in my RV trailer which proceeded to "let the smoke out" of the Tesla wiring harness. Tesla service center is telling me that the wiring harness was equipped with a 25amp fuse...
  3. zoltarp

    2013 car mystery wire

    I took the bottom shroud off my car to get a look at my headlight and found this laying on top of the shroud. Any ideas on where it was supposed to go?
  4. R

    Wire hanging under passenger seat?

    Hi, does anyone know what this wire is or where it goes?
  5. jebinc

    Wire gauge (AWG) for HPWC (Telsa Wall Connector)

    Hello all, I believe 6 gauge, stranded, is all one needs for a 60 amp circuit with 48 amps continues draw (HPWC) - for distances less than a certain amount of feet. My installation will be 35 running feet of wire from my main panel and I was thinking of going with 4 gauge wire (actually 4/3...
  6. willow_hiller

    Mystery cable hanging underneath glove box?

    Today I took the piece of trim under my glove box off to check the HW version (definitely HW2.5 for a late March SR+, if anyone's curious). There was also some sort of connector just hanging loose in there; it looked like some sort of multi-pin clip with only 1 or 2 wires going to it. I tried...
  7. D.E.

    Does the S steer by wire?

    Does the S steer by wire? I'm trying to rationalize the comfort/normal/sport steering ratio options. David
  8. Naonak

    18awg wire for HPWC Master/Slave

    I have installed a second HPWC in my garage and I'm upgrading my circuit to a 100a to feed both chargers. I plan on putting the signaling wire between the two - the manual calls for an 18awg TP shielded wire. Does anyone know what the best wire to use for this is? I have tons of CAT5e and CAT6...
  9. mnx

    Electric Cable for sale in Ontario 4C 2AWG 80 feet

    Selling 80ft of 4 conductor 2 AWG Teck Cable. $500obo This is a deal for my fellow Tesla owners as it retails for >12$ per foot! Pictures on kijiji @ 80ft 4C 2AWG Teck Cable - Hamilton Buy Sell Items - Kijiji Hamilton It's overkill for a HPWC installation, but if you're putting in a subpanel...