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xpel stealth

  1. PPF Guys

    Vendor Vancouver PPF GUYS Paint Protection Film Specialists - Xpel Ultimate Plus/Fusion - Stealth - Ceramic Coating

    Hello TMC Tesla owners, Vancouver Tesla Paint Protection Film Specialists. PPF Guys specialize in Paint Protection Film installations on all Tesla models S, 3, X, Y. Locally owned and operated, PPF Guys has been helping car owners throughout Greater Vancouver to protect their vehicles from...
  2. Vancouver ClearBra

    Vendor Tesla Xpel STEALTH Clear Bra Paint Protection Film - Vancouver ClearBra

    As always, hello fellow Tesla Vancouverites... Wanted to make a post about our Xpel STEALTH satin matte clear bra paint protection film PPF service offering through Vancouver ClearBra at 336 West 7th Ave Vancouver BC Canada. Xpel STEALTH is a translucent clear bra that will keep your Tesla the...
  3. Seattle ClearBra

    Vendor Xpel Clear Bra Paint Protection Film PPF - Tint - Ceramic Coating - Seattle ClearBra

    Hello TMC Forum Tesla owners, We would like to say hi to you all and offer our Xpel clear bra PPF paint protection film, windshield protection, ceramic coating, tinting and other vehicle protection services to the Greater Seattle TMC forum members. Seattle ClearBra offers high quality Xpel...
  4. ATD Detailing

    Vendor Scheduling Your Tesla for Paint Protection Services

    What are the most common mistakes made prior to taking delivery of or purchasing a new vehicle? The car shopping and buying process can be overwhelming and time consuming for even the most seasoned car buyers. Most folks focus on the vehicle options, packages, warranty, and financing. While...
  5. Kelmn07

    Full body wrap PPF rear hatch seam?

    I’ve never considered a full wrap on my previous cars, and my first 3 was the first time ever using PPF (partial). But I’m really digging the way a stealth wrap on MSM looks. I talked to my installer and he warned that the rear is very difficult to do. If I want it in one piece it’s over $6k...
  6. Tesla Y Xpel Stealth Paint Protection Film

    Tesla Y Xpel Stealth Paint Protection Film

    We have applied Xpel Stealth Paint Protection Film on this Tesla Y. We have also done Window Tinting of this Tesla. For more Information visit our website: https://www.mumsports.com/paint-protection-film/
  7. Tesla Y Xpel Stealth Paint Protection Film

    Tesla Y Xpel Stealth Paint Protection Film

    We have applied Xpel Stealth Paint Protection Film on this Tesla Y. We have also done Window Tinting of this Tesla. For more Information visit our website: https://www.mumsports.com/paint-protection-film/
  8. Vancouver ClearBra

    Vendor Tesla Vancouver Clear Bra *New Website*

    Wanted to update y'all on our new website Tesla Vancouver Clear Bra where we've just designed a brand new website to help educate / share our stories with our Tesla clients through updates, pictures and videos of our Tesla vehicle protection services for you amazing Tesla clients in the...
  9. ATD Detailing

    Vendor Raleigh PPF/Clear Bra, Window Tint, Ceramic Coating Facility for Tesla

    We are honored to be a part of the Tesla community and look forward to serving you in the future, for those of you who are just getting to know us. We've served the Raleigh, NC area for more than 10 years from our facility in Garner. Paint correction, paint protection film, ceramic coating and...
  10. Mum Sports

    Vendor MUM SPORTS - Modification, Paint Protection Film, Ceramic Coating, etc...

    Hello, fellow Tesla members! We are a old forum sponsor that is looking to give back and offer fair pricing on high-quality wrapping, Paint protection film (PPF), Ceramic coating (Ceramic Pro), Chrome delete, Window tinting, and Powder coating. A little about us: We have been modifying and...
  11. AutoArmour

    Vendor Xpel STEALTH PPF projects by Auto Armour

    Hey Everyone, We wanted to begin sharing some of the in depth projects we have going on in our shop. These projects are primarily Xpel Stealth and I'll list the other services below. We have been serving the Socal area out of San Diego for over 10 years and in the clear bra industry for over...
  12. B

    New car, delivery madness, car defects, xpel stealth...

    Like you and lot others I got very excited for Tesla and paid a deposit for a Model 3 just after Christmas. As nothing different to everyone who waited patiently, Tesla were on zero comms to me until around early-mid Feb - well I was told the car will be delivered in Feb (didn’t happen). Then I...
  13. P

    Selling stealth black 2018 Model 3

    I’m selling my black 2018 LR RWD Model 3, “Vader”, as I need to upgrade to a Model Y for more space. I have over $12K of upgrades on this car. It has everything. Full XPEL STEALTH wrap with warranty (for the matte black look) 3M chrome delete Ceramic coating Black Tesla emblems 19” matte black...
  14. B

    xpel stealth in Melbourne

    Does anyone know who can do xpel stealth on model 3 in melbourne? I called house of tint and they quote circa $8500 for a fully body wrap which seems high; Affinesse doesnt do xpel and offers someother brand for $5900 with ceramic coating; VIP car detailing Moorabbin didn't know about stealth...
  15. S

    2020 Midnight Silver Model X with Xpel Stealth

    For those of you considering the Xpel Stealth wrap on your Tesla Model X, here's what it looks like.
  16. D

    Xpel Stealth on new MSM is paint correction necessary?

    I ordered my M3P with the new grey wheels in midnight silver on 11/21 and have started getting quotes for a full wrap, window tinting, chrome delete. I have read a bunch of threads but hoping to get a fresh conversation and take in account of the new grey wheels on the M3P. I like the matte...
  17. SergeLangendoen

    Vendor Een High-End Bower & Wilkins Headset cadeau bij een lakbescherming van uw nieuwe Tesla!

    Speciaal voor onze Tesla klanten hebben we een actie welke klinkt als muziek in de oren! Laat uw auto beschermen en ontvang een High End koptelefoon gratis Kiest u voor minimaal een Modesta Glass Coating voor uw gehele auto dan ontvangt u een Bower & Wilkins PI3 In-ear draadloze...
  18. F

    Xpel Stealth/dechrome/Denver

    Hi- Has anyone done the Xpel Stealth with dechrome in the Denver area? If so with which company and were you happy with them? Thanks!
  19. J

    Long time listener, first time caller. Xpel Stealth and Chrome Delete complete

    As the title suggests...this is my first post. Ordered August 1st, delivered September 24th...longest 7 weeks of my life. Since delivery, I’ve had tint installed on all glass from Tint Wizard in Scottsdale, AZ (best tint company in area), and had Xpel Stealth and chrome delete installed by...
  20. G

    Xpel clear bra +opticoat

    I am in the market to add an extra layer of protection to my Model 3 but not sure which one to get. Has anyone used Xpel clear Bra or Opticoat?? If so who would you recommend to have it installed if you live in MD/VA/DC. Current prices I received was $2299 Xpel and Opticoat was $1299 from...
  21. ctn531

    Help me decide ... Red MX: Xpel Ultimate (Clear) or Xpel Stealth (Matte)

    I am taking delivery of my new multi-coat red MX this coming Monday afternoon. On Tuesday I am bringing it into the shop for full PPF wrap (and also chrome delete at the same time) - I keep flip-flopping back and forth between clear & matte wrap. @neofelis was kind enough to share his car...
  22. ctn531

    Has anybody wrapped multi-coat red with Xpel Stealth?

    I've seen pictures of stealth wrap on silver, white and blue - looks awesome. I haven't seen any pictures of stealth wrap on the multi-coat red... Anybody out there do this? Any pictures? How does it look? Thanks-
  23. R

    Model X 100D XPEL Stealth on Midnight Silver looks amazing

    I just got my black 100D with XPEL ulimate at auto image in Barrington, IL. I was on the fence around a few things (trying to decide on ultimate vs stealth) and decided to stay with ultimate took about 3 days during the coldest part of winter. If you in IL and need this done Jeff and his team...
  24. AutoArmour

    Vendor A Model S Transitioning From Glossy Black to...

    Here at Auto Armour we specialize in paint protection film. If you don't know about paint protection film - you should! It is the BEST way to protect your paint from scratches, and environmental woes of the road. We get a lot of questions about Xpel Stealth - a type of paint protection film that...
  25. LVGhost

    Frozen white finish

    Hey everyone, Sorry for another post of pictures. I just got my car back from getting a full xpel stealth wrap. I know the satin finish isn't everyone's cup of tea but I personally really like how it changes the look of the car. To be honest, pictures don't really do it justice but here are...
  26. Evil.Labrat

    Midnight Silver with XPEL Stealth paint protection film

    We just got our Midnight Silver Model X back from the shop for an XPEL Stealth wrap which gives it a matte-like finish. I had seen a few pics of a Model S with this treatment, but none on the X, so here are some pics for your viewing pleasure. :) Image Gallery: Tesla Model X P100D Midnight...