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“Blindspot Detection Limited” after Clearbra

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I had a clear bra installed on my front hood, bumper and parts of the side which required them to disconnect and reconnect my side cameras. After they finished I noticed the error “blindspot detection limited - camera visibility reduced” appear.

I’ve gone through all the posts which say to clean the side cameras (did that), make sure software is up to date (yes), drive hundreds of miles to re-calibrate (did that), reboot the car (did that), factory reset it too, reformat USB (did that).

They did cover up the front sensors with the clearbra, but from what I read this shouldn’t effect it??

All of this isn’t working at all. I’m wondering if anyone has any other suggestions? The clearbra auto body shop is also confused. I scheduled a Tesla service appointment so hopefully they can remote diagnose something.

I did check the USB stick and the backup cameras and all the cameras look fine and aren’t blurry. There’s no condensation or anything like that either.
Okay, so after about 250+ miles of driving and 5-6 days, the error message went away on its own. I did schedule a service appointment and they told me they aren't able to remotely diagnose the issue, and then the error went away. It's unclear if they did something or it was just coincidence.