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2013 Tesla Model S P85+


Vin: 5YJSA1DP1DFP22359

Fun car to drive

416-hp/443-lb-ft induction AC electric motor

0-60 MPH 4 sec

88/90 mpg

Supercharge capable

265 mi on a single charge

Deep cargo space in the front and back


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The car runs completely fine, I love the ride. Honestly I’m just having buyers remorse; realized the insurance is a lot higher than expected and you really need a 10-50 outlet at home or a supercharge location near by to charge the car fast. It will take a lot longer if you plug it in to a regular home outlets. When it is all set in down it’s just not my time to own a Tesla at the moment. I will definitely get one again down the road.
On home charging it's pretty easy to install an outlet, or a hardwired station. For something mid way there are products that plug into the drier outlet that let you share that outlet between your drier and your car. Dryer Buddy Review one example being discussed on the forums.

On insurance, shop around and see what you can find, but yes, insurance isn't cheap.