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2016 Model S brake problem, HELP

Discussion in 'Technical' started by lloydash, Sep 2, 2017.

  1. lloydash

    lloydash Member

    Apr 12, 2017
    i have a 2016 model s thats an unsupported vehicle as its a damaged repaired vehicle so tesla garage will not look at it.
    so the problem i have is as follow.

    some times probably 50% of the time i key on the brake pedal when you touch is violently pulsing and bangs. i guess the brake assist is trying to work then decides not. i also have on dash info saying auto park assist disabled, cruise disabled. and a couple of others that i believe is all linked to the from radar sensor that has been replaced but not calibrated as i can't find out how to do it as tesla will not even look at it.

    does anybody offer software to look at fault codes? somebody mentioned that you can tesla toolbox and pay per hour? we are based in the uk.

    any help would be appreciated
  2. arnis

    arnis Member

    Apr 13, 2015
    Is it happening at low speed driving mostly?
    If yes, it appears to be problem with ABS sensor.
    You need to identify which sensor is at fault, otherwise you have to replace them one by one, starting from crashed side first.

    It can also be damaged magnet ring for the ABS sensor (integrated into wheel bearing). Though start with ABS sensors.

    IF you need to drive the vehicle immediately and you are ok with no ABS, disconnect one ABS sensor temporarily.
    In case of emergency, hold P-button. It will apply emergency brake, even while driving.

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