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  1. S

    (Accessories) Is the seat weight sensor wiring harness easy to access?

    Hi everyone. This is a long shot but I figured I'd see if anyone knows. I am not a Tesla owner but rather an electrical engineer who makes automotive accessories. I'm amidst trying to solve a problem for my client, a breathalyzer interlock company, who cannot successfully install their device...
  2. MrNik

    Tesla DashCam: High endurance microSD + USB card reader not working

    I’m replacing the default USB stick with a combo of High endurance microSD card and a USB stick which has a card reader (links mentioned below). The USB stick has a direct microSD reader and also a card reader (which can have a microSD inserted in it) However, when I plug the microSD directly...
  3. C

    Payment Method Issue [resolved]

    Hey all, I ordered my Model 3 on 10th Jan (Australia) and have been sorting the finance. Have got approval on the finance now but for some reason I only see the following message (been like that for about 4 days now): We are experiencing technical issues loading your payment details. Please...
  4. M

    Sentry Cam no longer recording every event after update?

    After the most recent update for my M3 SR, 2020.48.35.5, my sentry cam no longer records all the events. Several times this week Ive got into my car to see there are multiple events, today was 8, and go to view on sentry viewer and there is only 1 video of me getting into my car. Sentry...
  5. S

    Home Charging Sub Forum

    I am requesting a sub forum be created under the 'General Forum' titled 'Home Charging'. I've recently installed wiring to a detached garage to power the whole garage and provide greater charging for my Model 3. I'd like to share the knowledge I've gained from my research that may serve helpful...
  6. hmbprius

    Error Message Panic and next steps

    Hi helpful folks out there in the community...have been enjoying my little blue baby... did a couple of long trips and maybe after range charging seemed to have a bit longer range for a bit, then it seems to have drifted down but still reasonable. Loving driving this car. BUT THEN day before...
  7. L

    Any information about starting a TMC club?

    Hi Everybody, I'm trying to start up a local TMC club, but am running up against difficulties. I found the page giving info on it, at: About - Tesla Motors Club On that page, it says: How to create/become a TMC Partner Club? It’s free and simple! Becoming and staying a Partner Club requires...
  8. Brando

    Tech Forum - many informative YouTube clips by Model 3 owner

    Matt Shumaker is a technical guy; YouTube since 2007 "Interesting projects and reviews of cutting edge products" seems self-employed; claims he is NOT a fanboy and NOT a tree hugger. He offers a fresh perspective from a technical car guy point of view Civic Si is just one of his cars. Seems to...
  9. EV-Tech Exp

    My Analysis and Explanation of Tesla's Battery Pack

    I've recently finished a three part video series to explain Tesla's battery technology. Tesla's battery technology has undoubtedly revolutionised the automotive industry, and given the historical significance of the battery pack, I thought it worth looking into further. Part 1 explains the...
  10. R

    PEM Fans

    Purchased a 2.5 Sport in November. Love the car. The best irrational thing I have ever done! OK... that being said a week ago had to have the Roadster towed to the Tesla shop as the dreaded Error 1144 PEM overheating error popped up. Diagnosis is - needs 2 new PEM fans - better than a new PEM...
  11. J

    Processing Speed of Touchscreen in Model X/S vs. Model 3

    This video is a great comparison of the processing speed of the touchscreen in Model X/S versus Model 3. When averaging the speed of different tasks on each model, the Model 3 average 4.44x faster than Model X/S. Given that Model X/S are considerably more expensive than the Model 3, the...
  12. FlyinLow

    What to expect during a software update

    I did some looking around and didn’t see an example of a software update progressing through its various stages. I apologize if this is out there and I just missed it. My observation might be helpful for those buying a used Model S or X and the general idea depicted here applies to Model 3 as...
  13. gg_got_a_tesla

    Carbon-based Ultracapacitors

    Fancy charging up your electric car in 10 minutes? Seen as an add-on to Li-ion batteries in the short term.
  14. MountainPass

    Vendor Mountain Pass Performance Intro - Updates

    Hi Everyone, Sasha here from Mountain Pass Performance. If you're thinking - WHO IS THIS GUY? Please know that this is a new account that we created! You may remember us from that Tesla powered Lotus Evora that has been around the internet. This post is a little bit of an introduction to...
  15. T

    ESS recovery

    Apparently there is a way to charge a dead battery without using the BMB's! Screenshot_20180303-040547 by twiersum posted Mar 3, 2018 at 4:09 AM Screenshot_20180303-040611 by twiersum posted Mar 3, 2018 at 4:09 AM Screenshot_20180303-040629 by twiersum posted Mar 3, 2018 at 4:09 AM
  16. T

    Sheet/brick order

    For future reference the sheets & brick numbering starts from negative contactor side and counts up towards positive contactor side. 1 to 11 & 1 to 99
  17. FlyinLow

    To go ELECTRIC or not? That is the question...

    Maybe this is the right area to park my thoughts and encourage others to post theirs... I appreciate the people that come up to me and want to convince me that driving my Tesla Model S 85 is a bad idea. Buying a car can be an emotional experience, but for those looking to do a little more fact...
  18. slcasner

    Rebuilders: Need a replacement rear subframe?

    I have a slightly damaged rear steel subframe for the Roadster (1.5 if they differ) and I'm wondering if any of you folks who are rebuilding cars would want it. It was replaced a few years ago when my car took a hit on the left rear wheel. The rear suspension members bent and the only damage I...
  19. A

    Logged data on SD card?

    I know Tesla has a method of saving driving logs onto an SD card in the MCU. Do you have, or have you seen, what is on the SD cards? I know one is navigation.
  20. .jg.

    e-call from April 2018, Galileo & EGNOS

    From April 2018, new cars sold in the EU are required to have e-call - a system that will automatically call the emergency services if something bad happens to the car e.g. airbags deployed or emergency button pressed. Data sent to the emergency services includes the car's current location...
  21. PFLeFaou

    Hello from a total Roadster newbie (but not roadster newbie) & fundamental questions

    Hi everyone, First post – here's a quick introduction... I'm French, just moving from Germany to San Francisco, proud owner of a 1998 Renault Spider, very sad that I am not able to legally import it to the US (yet – 5 more years to wait!)... and since Monday owner (still virtually) of a Tesla...
  22. chibi_kurochan

    Decoding Model 3 Option Codes

    Does anyone know what all the option codes means on the Model 3? Are they the same as MS and MX? Thanks!
  23. D

    Model S PTC heater control?

    Hello TMC, I've gotten some good information lurking over the past year or two, thanks all! Wondering if anyone has successfully figured out how to control the PTC air heater in the HVAC unit yet? I just received a used one from eBay for a non-tesla related project I'm working on. It's 4 pin...
  24. K

    Electric Parking Brake Wiring

    Hello, I am seeking information as to how the EPB system works exactly in these cars. I would like to retrofit these calipers onto another vehicle, which, due to poor design properties have high failure ratings and an aftermarket supply that is even worse. I plan to use these in lieu of the...
  25. X.l.r.8

    What models/years would you avoid?

    With the vast amount of information on the models, what model is the one for a person transitioning from ICE to an EV. I am just researching the roadsters after a lifetime of Porsches and always wanting a lotus I feel this would be a great time to dip my toe in the water. I feel a 2.x is a must...
  26. Brando

    Argonne National Labs - sadly government waste at it's best

    Well, perhaps others know of useful things this Lab has done. I don't mean just for defense contractors, but for the rest of us. Anyway, thought you'd enjoy listening. He even owns a Model S, but seem not to know much about Tesla. So far he has spent $120 million on battery research (I'm...
  27. Gwgan

    Tesla Security Researcher Hall of Fame

    What got UnicornTeam on the list in 2018? Product Security| Tesla
  28. H

    Climate not rebooting

    i was told by my SVC to do a hard reset of my MCU and Instrument Cluster all the way to the grey Tesla T weekly to try and help minimize issues. For the past two or three weeks when I reboot the MCU everything comes back up except for the climate system. I have to manually turn it back on. I...
  29. X

    Phone Key on Model S

    Would it technically be possible through a software standpoint of view to add the Model 3 phone key functionality? Just a random thought that came to mind.
  30. H

    Components in the trunk

    Ninth trip to the trip to the SVC for problems in 15 months. This time we are dealing with more radio and phone connectivity issues, again, my odometer resetting to zero, what seems to be a low powered hvac unit, and scariest of all, a steering problem. When I looked at my mobile tesla app, to...
  31. C

    Tesla S 75D power adjustment *NEED HELP*

    Hi, i`ve got an Tesla S 75D 2017 modell and i was wondering how i can adjust and set the power to the back wheels. I`ve heard that you can adjust how much power the front and rear wheels have. I terms of horsepower or something i think. Is this a legit thing? Cant find it anywhere on the internet.
  32. R

    Mobile eye CES2017 presentation and Teslas Autopilot future?

    Hey guys, So, I was watching the Mobile eye CES2017 presentation, and I'm starting to get a little worried about the state of Teslas level 3 & 4 autopilot progress. In the presentation, it was made very clear that it's important to have a front and rear lidar systems and we all know Elon...
  33. H

    Radio autoswitch

    my SVC recently upgraded my radio/phone to the 4glte connectivity board which fixed some of my problems. One thing That is happening every day, multiple times a day, is my radio will autoswitch stations. I get out of the car listening to something on slacker and when open the drivers door the...
  34. H

    Preset temp changes when I open the door

    i wasn’t sure if this was happening or not. Over the last few weeks it seemed as if I’d set my temp on my tesla app to one temp and when I got in the car it was something completely different. I have been having a lot of weird electrical problems but tonight just confirmed the temp change. I...
  35. W

    Suggestion to Tesla

    I have noticed that if your phone is connected to BLUETOOTH and you are receiving your calls in your car, IF you then use your phone for a TEXT, the car will show YOUR personal phone number and then it cannot be deleted. You have to reset by holding both buttons down, until you get a new screen...
  36. H

    Phone interference

    if I’m parked and waiting for someone to come out of the store or waiting on the kids at their school and I have my Samsung phone in the little tray directly below the MCU I at time will get this weird static, buzzing, interference sound through the speakers. I know the obvious answer, move the...
  37. Holger

    Car does not find new CAC after battery exchange - help please!

    hello experts, in october 2017 i had a battery exchange on my 2.0 roadster "signature 250" , built in 2010. by occasion i got a fine used one with 149 Ah CAC. my old finallly had 129 Ah only. till now after months and 2000 miles with the better battery the car still has not accepted the new CAC...
  38. automixcars

    tesla roadster body part

    Hallo ALL for my tesla roadster sport I am looking for a R/H quarter panel all the way to the front wing. Hope someone have one . I can also use one with damage to repair. Kind Regards Michael
  39. racevpr

    Tesla Roadster Newsletter - February 2018

  40. Theyeags

    Tesla Model 3 Blackvue 750 2ch DIY install with Constant 12V power

    I decided to dive right in after only 3 days of ownership and install a blackvue on the model 3. Unlike other posts, I wired the magic power pro directly to the 12v battery for constant power. The whole process was fairly easy considering it was the first time I've ever seen inside a Model 3...
  41. H

    Why are Warning types not listed on the owners guide?

    i broke down last weekend 260 miles away from home with a warning that said, “car requires service. Car may not restart.” Roadside had it towed and we drove home in a rental. Turns out my battery coolant heater was going out and when I supercharged twice it sent it over the edge. I also had to...
  42. syzygy

    Help me understand this AP feature

    I don't understand why AP turns off if you keep hands off the wheel. Wouldn’t it be safer to play persistent tones that get louder until you grab the wheel? If a driver is asleep or unconscious, and AP turns off, that’s a sure-fired way to wreck in 30 seconds. If AP stays on, there’s a much...
  43. gavine

    How a Circuit Breaker Works in Slow Motion

  44. matt_in_ca

    OBD-II adapter for the Roadster?

    My insurance provider uses an OBD-II dongle that isn't compatible with the Roadster's diagnostic port. I was wondering if anybody knows where I can purchase an adapter to go from the Roadster's diagnostic port to the more standard OBD-II? My apologies is this has already been covered. I...
  45. selfbp

    How does the 12v battery charge?

    If I were to install a 110v outlet through an inverter, hooked to the battery, how quickly am I gonna drain the 12v battery while the car is parked and the inverter is powering some heavy use items? The car would most likely not display is was turned to ‘on’ because I wouldn’t be sitting in the...
  46. S

    Airbag Issue and Mystery Passenger - Thoughts????

    I had to post a Youtube video to show the issue I am having and would appreciate any thoughts on how to fix the airbag issue that is presenting in the modelX. Totally weird situation, sensor says airbag off, but indicator lights suggest there is a person in the seat..... had this vehicle for 5...
  47. sillydriver

    AP following distance depends on temperature

    I have a P85D with AP1 running 2017.50.2 3bd9f6d. The last couple months I’ve had to commute down I66 to Washington DC from my home in rural Virginia, 56 miles each way. I’ve used AP most of the time, particularly on the slower sections nearer the city, but less so on the 80 Mph part near where...
  48. B

    WiFi Connectivity

    This is my first post so any feedback from veteran users would be appreciated. I purchased my 2017 Model X 100D 12/29/17 and have been very pleased. Many questions have been answered by this forum and I love the challenge of exploring ground breaking technology. There have been a few...
  49. Jonathanm

    Fan Position 1

    Hello, I don't get any air from position 1 on the fan control. Everything lights up ok - only get fan running on speed 2 or 3. Assume this is not normal - any ideas about where this is all controlled from? Thanks as usual to the brain trust!
  50. lunitiks

    The Wiper Thread :-)

    I have serious wiper issues ... In this thread, let’s figure out everything hardware, software, DIY, replacement parts etc. related to these puppies. I’ll kick off with my research on the Model S wipers. How the Model S windscreen wipers work! Tl;dr (spoiler): Now let’s wipe that smile of...