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2018 model 3 performance

I am about trade my model 3 in, beat the low ball dealer's offer for a nice car.
full disclosure, the car was rear ended and repaired at a tesla authorized repair shop.
2018 model 3 performance
12k miles
18 inch wheels
make an offer soon, I am located in north florida


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I hop

it does but this car was bought before stealth came around.
Stealth and PUP were released at the same time. If this is a performance and showing 18” wheels then it’s definitely stealth as I have a July 2018 stealth myself.
I brought it up because a lot of people preferred the stealth. So sort of trying to help OP better describe the vehicle.

edit: sorry. Didn’t realize you were OP.
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looks like you have EAP? What is the price to add FSD?

I assume it has track mode? did you get the spoiler installed?
no spoiler, track mode is there, I never tried it, and it would be 5k for me to get FSD, but there is little reason to because AFAIK EAP is only lacking the traffic light awareness. EAP is fine for me, I do not care for the navigate on AP feature nor the auto lane changing.