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2018 Model 3 RWD (Removing trunk liner)

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Hi everyone, I'm new here but have had my Tesla Model 3 since 2018 (was part of the first delivery batch in Canada!)

Recently, I spilled about 3L (almost 1 gallon) of dishwashing liquid in my trunk. The lid opened up and spilled all over the trunk. It's seeped into the trunk fabric liner and hopefully it's not going anywhere where it can cause damage to the battery/electronics.

The fabric trunk liner is covered in this liquid and I've been trying to pull it out. I was able to remove the 4 clips and got the fabric liner to half come apart but the part that attaches to the rear seats I haven't been able to figure out so I can't pull out the entire trunk liner and wash it out with water. Does anyone know how to fully remove the fabric liner? I pinged Tesla support and they told me to watch videos but the only video I could find was this one:
and was able to get it to around the 2:20 minute mark only but wasn't able to get it detached from the rear seats. So it's stuck in this half-removed position currently.

Any assistance would be great.

Is there also risk that this dishwasher liquid will enter my battery?