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2019 raven / intel atom / option for tesla infotainment upgrade

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Hi All ! Im new in the " Tesla Word" :)
Got my Model X less than a month ago. Its a 2019 Raven performance.

In the app , i received a option for the infotainment system upgrade.
Went ahead , scheduled a SC appointment , and asked them a question : What can i get with this update ?
The SC replied back , and sent me basicaly all the information what i alreday know :) and they sent me a link ...
I read that a few times already even before i got my first and only one teasla , in my case Model X .
What i noticed i actually have everything on my MX what the update can offer .

On that website under FAQ :
What do I get when I purchase the Infotainment Upgrade?

Gaming : Includes graphics-intensive Tesla Arcade games like Beach Buggy Racing 2
Entertainment : Enables video streaming and access to YouTube, Netflix, Hulu and Twitch through the Tesla Theater / Adds Caraoke and TRAX
Driver Assistance : Enhanced Driving Visualization for owners with the Full Self-Driving Capability Computer
Cellular & Wi-Fi : Supports 5GHz Wi-Fi networks / LTE capable modem

I have all this and i also have Siri and FM

My MX is currently subscribed for self driving beta for 99$/month ( i just must to try this ) ;) , so i assume i have the latest hardware.
My MX have a intel atom cpu / full self driving computer / premium audio system / adaptive air suspension / all streaming option / my car connected to a 5G wiFi ,and have a LTE connection / graphics-intensive Tesla Arcade games like Beach Buggy Racing 2 is already on the system ...

Sent all this info to the SC via msgs in the Tesla App , after my appoimtment confirmed and asked a question so what upgrade can i get as i have all this option already.
In the past 2 days i did not get any answer from the SC , and i really dont want to drive 170 Miles to the SC for nothing.

If anyone can give me some information, some ideas that would be great :)
Thank You!