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2015 Tesla LTE issue and missing Connectivity tab in Service Mode

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I am trying to help someone get their 2015 Tesla S working with LTE. This is a North American model that has been exported to the Turks and Caicos. The car was sent back to Florida for other repairs and a SIM card for our local provider was installed. Unfortunately, the car is not connecting to the mobile network and does not show any LTE status or information anywhere on the display.

In Service Mode, the car does not have a Connectivity tab. Is this normal for this older car?

I used a diagnostic cable and the 1 hour Toolbox subscription to access the full service options. I was able to use the option to update the SIM information (specifically the APN needed for our provider) which completed successfully. I also ran the procedure that checks the APN value which returned the right option so the change was made and saved. I also tried both restarting the modem using Toolbox and rebooting the MCU using the two-scroll buttons method which made no difference. I was not able to find any option that shows LTE modem status such as connection status or signal strength, etc. It’s configurable in Toolbox, so must exist, but otherwise is completely invisible in the normal UI which seems strange but this is the first Tesla I’ve worked on. The car has a bar at the top of the screen for Wi-Fi but nothing for LTE.

Another thing I noticed is that the Service Mode tab that shows the cameras has all shown as Unavailable in grey. Is this normal?

The car is a 2015 Model S with the AP1 Intel computer. Our local LTE bands are 4 and 17; from what I’ve found the North American modem uses band 4 and should be able to connect. The firmware is 2024.7. The car is very low millage and in excellent condition.

Thanks for your advice.