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2020 Model S Rubbing On Turns

Hey all.

Three weeks ago, I purchased a 2020 Model S with ~30k miles. Immediately after driving it home, there was a noticeable rubbing sound/feeling when making left and right turns. The sensation seems to be more prevalent when the ride height is set to low. It also seems to be very noticeable when I'm driving on an uneven surface, whether that be when turning into the driveway with half of my car still in the road and the other half in the driveway, or when I'm driving on an uneven road. -- Setting ride height to very high will alleviate this issue for the most part, but obviously the car won't drive like that.

Any suggestions? Thank you :)
OP Here. To inspect the wheels, I set the ride height to Very High. It looks like there is a 1 inch difference in the wheel clearance when comparing left side and right side. Could this possibly be the issue? Left side has ~7 inches clearance between the rim and the car. Right side has ~8 inches.
Are your wheels stock? If they are aftermarket, I'm guessing your wheels are wider than stock on the front hence the rubbing. You can fit stock-sized tires on a wider wheel. Otherwise wheel offset can do it too in combination with wheel width.

Post a picture of your wheels.