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2021 Model 3 Red Brake Warning Light Stays On

My brake warning light stays illuminated for about 2 minutes after starting and then goes off.
Model 3 is only 2 days old.

Any thoughts. Service center said not low brake fluid. Sadly its been waiting at the service center to get diagnosed more days then its been on the road.

Anyone have the same problem? Guessing its a sensor issue?
Yes I picked up my 2021 model3 three days ago. Today the brake light come on while driving. Pulled off rd and powered down car twice hoping that the electronics would reset. Drove home on back road and emailed tesla dealer. He said the online evaluation was fine. He suggested I drive down to service station which is 100 miles away, with the red brake warning on! REALLY,with the red brake warning on! or call tesla service transportcompany . They can be here in two days! And they will not bring the car back! I hope I do not have many issues because this is very inconvenient!