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2024 Highland Model 3 - Minor Issue - Door LED Light Bar Cracking

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Hi team!

Wanted to bring this up as another issue with the Tesla Model 3 Highland.

As we are using the car, I've noticed these cracks forming. At first I thought they were hard water that got behind the bar after they initially repaired the car for the trunk leaks, but it got worse as time went on. These cracks formed right above the door's interior handles. I thought at first they were from the vibrations when closing the door, but it seems to be more for the flexing of the door panel when pulling the handle to close the door.

This picture is of the front driver side door. The passenger side door also has it as well, at the same location which is right above the door handle. The rear doors don't really have them as the handles are not used at all (probably can count the amount of times it was used using my fingers).

I created a Service Ticket and they have a mobile Service scheduled on May 16th to replace the light bars for free. The only problem is that I'm worried that this issue will just come back in a few months as we continue to use the car after they are replaced.

Ah, the first world issues of buying a brand new, expensive car that is fresh out of the Fremont Factory, haha. I'm curious if any other owners are having this issue as well, or if there are any documented cases in Europe and China having this same issue.

Thanks for your time!
Hi kmrnt,

I didn't get them repaired yet. I'm going to follow up later on any potential fixes in the future, but from the sounds of it, they needed to meet with the engineers and management before applying a repair to the LED ambient light bars in the car. I agreed to wait for a resolution on the fix. I didn't want to risk any issues with adding "creaking" noises with poor installation, or inoperable switches, or any other issues that may happen if they replace the entire door panel just to have those start cracking as well (it sounded like the entire door panel may needed to be replaced depending on how they assemble the door).

I'll respond in probably 2 quarters and see if there have been other complaints for this issue and if they have a resolution. Considering this issue doesn't really impact anything, in my opinion I think it's okay to wait until they have a solid solution to fix it.

Although if they end up doing a fix, let me know the results! They initially thought my LED Controller was dead (although I didn't say that in the "Customer States" section, I mentioned cracking with provided pictures). The technician who came did all of the work to respond back to the team and mentioned getting back once they are ready for any repairs. It was a mobile service for the initial fix, but with door panel replacement for all 4 doors, that requires a service center visit.

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