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43 Sentry events in my garage?

I started noticing recently that there are multiple Sentry Mode events on my screen when I park in the garage. This never used to happen. Months ago, Tesla added the feature that turns off Sentry Mode when parked at home and for many months it has worked correctly. For some reason I will get an audible message (Probably from Stats maybe) that Sentry Mode has been activated. I’ve also noticed that mt USB flash drive is filling up much faster now as well.

Has anyone had this problem? So far I’ve tried turning on/off Sentry Mode and on/off the Sentry Mode feature that turns it off at home. I have also tried doing a reset of the system holding down the scroll buttons. Suggestions?
I had this problem on day 2 of my car. I found out that I had put in the wrong home address. Don't know if that helps, but check your home address to make sure it's still the same and didn't get erased during an update.
Do you have Smart Sentry on with the Stats app? It was doing the same thing to me starting with the last update.
I hope you are on to something! I noticed it was on in the Stats app but I had not designated my car as a safe spot in the Stats app either. I will monitor it now to see if it will turn off now that it’s in the garage and report back here. Thanks.
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Hate pulling up a old thread, but it was as close as i could find with the search option here.

one of the two new M3’s we got keeps sentry on inside our garage. I disabled the sentry at home on both cars and the other car works fine (stays off at home in garage)

Has anyone run into this before. Both are SR+ 2020 new build with 40 50 5 update though this issue has been like this with three previous software upgrades.

I did the two button reset several time with zero success so far.

anyone have any ideas before we call service?

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I have the same issue. Two M3s next to each other in the garage - the 2019 works as designed - sentry mode exception for home works, sentry mode turns off in the garage. The 2020’s sentry mode stays on with identical settings. If I swap their parking spots, same behavior: 2019 works as designed, 2020 does not. It’s been 5 months and numerous software updates...
I’ve tried deleting and re-creating “Home,” as suggested by some of the guidance floating around out there: no joy. The map shows the pin for my home about 50 feet from where the car thinks it is by GPS. My only choice will probably end up being to exclude favorites and set a “favorite” at my house, which I believe snaps GPS coordinates instead of using a street address. Problem is, then I don’t get Sentry Mode at any of my favorites. I guess that will do until they straighten this out or allow a GPS location for “home” instead of a typed street address.