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Any other U-boat commanders? (Coastal NC)

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Dec 17, 2012
Cary, NC
So I pushed it. 2.5 hour drive to the beach house and 2 miles from the house, the only road was pretty deep water. I have coils. Lots of other vehicles passing but all were trucks/SUVs.

So I parked to assess....

Then a 70yo in a newer civic blazes through without concern. I walked it first and it never seemed to exceed 6 inches.

So I made it but was I nervous. A flatbed would have been hours away I bet.

But I wanted to ask the collective, what is the deepest water I can safely drive through? The rain has stopped so it should only get better but I need to cross this area if I plan on eating tomorrow morning.

On the Leaf forum, someone just blasted through an impressive wall of water. Everyone there thought the connectors/inverters/chargers were all pretty high up.

For all that might warn - this was not a river. There was no chance of drowning.
I drove through about 1 ft of water and had no problems. Would not do it on purpose though. People have had their Model S totalled in the garage when water got up to 18", but that was standing in it for hours.

I wouldn't hesitate if you are sure it doesn't get deeper than 6 inches, and you'll be through it in a minute or two. Would not risk getting stuck in it.