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Anyone used a SeaSucker rack on a Model X

Considering buying a Model X (or a Model Y). I need tow capacity (Model X wins) and roof rack (Model Y kinda wins). I need to cartop rowing shells (boats - like kayaks but longer and skinnier) on the roof rack. Has anyone used the SeaSucker racks on a Model X? Any problems? Thanks!
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After driving both the X and the Y, I decided I just like the smaller size of the Y and so bought one of those (with Tesla roof rack). Managed to get my 1x rack mounted but haven’t used it for real yet. I still think the SeaSucker rack had some promise, if I bought an X I would give it a try. Carefully the first time. :)
i've had a few friends with SeaSuckers on their cars and have had no issues with them. my only concern on the X would be dropping something on the glass roof/windshield. big bucks. I can barely clean the roof of the car without standing up inside the vehicle. no idea how you plan on loading/unloading anything big!
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I have used seasucker racks to haul surf boards often and decking boards once. As a precaution, I also use bungee cords through the side windows... just in case. Since the weight is entirely on glass and the FWD, I keep my speed down and don't go above 40mph. But they do the job. No issues.
I tried a Seasucker "Board Rack" on my X, thinking I could open one FWD with it mounted, but the mount spacing is too wide for that. It does look like it would work well without ability to open door. As of now I'm returning the 31" Board Rack and have ordered the wider "Monkey Bars" (48") rack. I won't be able to open door with rack mounted (I'm not taking the chance of attaching to rear glass) but the adjustability and wider bars look like they will work better. Will post results/pics when I get the new one and set it up.
I know this thread is a bit old but doesn't seem to be much info out there. I've been cartopping my single for the past 3+ years on a 2015 Model S with the Tesla branded aerobars. I use a Burnham rack on the bars. Furthest I've gone is probably about 1.5 hrs. I adjust speed based on the wind and try to keep the boat from bouncing in the wind. 65-70 when there is no cross wind is fairly steady.

Here are some notes/tips from my experience.
- The aerobars have a bit of flex, mount the rack close to the one side (I have it over the drivers side).
- I attach a bow line through the frunk latch hook. This makes a big difference in keeping the boat mostly still.
- For really short drives I keep my boat rigged and strap a foam piece under the oarlock pin to protect the glass roof. Given the position of the rack, the other oarlock will stick out to the side of the car (about the same as the side mirror).
- The rear crossbar is about 1.5 inches lower than the front. To keep the boat traveling level to the road I put a piece of wood I cut from a 2x4 to raise the back end. I found a taller U bolt to attach the rack at my local hardware store that matched the thread of the Burnham one allowing me to re-use their wing nuts. This is a new addition in the last year and has made the boat ride a lot more stable.
- Careful when opening the rear hatch and stop it before hitting the boat or the rack. It does open more than enough to be able to get my wing rigger in as well as slings and oars (fold down drivers side back seat).

I have been thinking about swapping my S for a Y but I am not sure about the roof rack that is available on the Y. It seems flimsier that the one on my S and the way it attaches to the roof doesn't seem as secure but it does say it is load rated to 165lbs so probably would work. If anyone has done that please.