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App not working again?

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I can access both of mine.

Doesn't mater if you are in the car or 100 miles away. The app talks to Tesla servers and the Tesla servers talk to the car. (**)

Does the car show cellular signal bars?

(**) The locking/unlocking function is direct bluetooth. Everything else is over the internet.
I'd hesitate to suggest logging out/in to the app but that might fix it. If you do, make sure you have the key card with you. If you are unable to log back in due to Tesla server issues, the bluetooth lock/unlock functionality is deauthorized and you're stuck.
Glad it works! We are also in different regions so we could be hitting different servers, etc. One never knows...

Just had the same issue again today seems like a problem with my LTE. Just keeps connecting and disconnecting over and over again. I have no traffic data, no streaming music, no ablilty to preheat the car or use summon.

So.. at least its not an issue with the app... lol