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Apple Music different song after parking

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Hi folks.....got rid of my 2018 Model 3 last month, switched the Highland.....loving it, but have a question:

In the past, when playing Apple Music, if I stopped and parked for a period of time, when coming back to the car the same song would pick up where I left it.

Since I got the Highland, now when I stop, even if just for 5 or 10 minutes, I get back in the car and it's playing a totally different song.

it's not a deal breaker, just kinda annoying. I'm on 2024.3.25. Anyone else notice this behavior?
I've noticed that. I just assumed the music continued to play when I left the car. I've also had the issue when I use the "station" that's my name just playing the same few songs over and over again. I have to hit that station again to get it to reset. I love my car but I can't say I'm thrilled with the "radio" in it. I miss Sirius XM!
I've noticed this too in my MYLR with Apple Music. The only way it seems to stay on the same song is if I pause it manually before I get out of the car. Usually this results in the same song playing the next time I get in, but I don't think it's guaranteed though I haven't been paying that much attention to ensure this method works.
okay cool, I'm not alone then....like usual, some software update bug. It will probably get repaired in a future update and I won't even notice it. Apple Music didn't previously work like this, it remembered the song you were on.

By the way....Mystic you mention it starting a station and only playing a few, maybe 4 or 5 songs, over and over.....it also didn't used to do this....but I've seen it too. I found if I switch to another station, then come back to the one I was playing, it loads correctly.
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The Apple Music app is absolute pants in the Tesla.

Aside from songs and/or artists in a playlist randomly being greyed out (and by random I mean songs that have previously played sometimes don’t), shuffle seems to play the same songs over and over in the same
order whenever I shuffle a playlist, the music autoplays at random irrespective of whether I paused it when I left the car and finally I can have been shuffling a playlist and when I get back in find it’s carried on playing but switched itself to it’s own made up station.

I love the car but my go to music service has been absolutely bolloxed by Tesla (I presume they’re responsible for the app?) and without CarPlay we’re stuck with it. Bluetooth isn’t an option as the audio quality compared to streaming is complete bobbins.

I can only hope that at some point soon it gets a seriously needed overhaul. All of the above on a ‘24 plate MYP and the latest software.