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APS customer with solar, plan question


May 10, 2018
Queen Creek, AZ
I ran the numbers with a large array and no battery against a smaller array with battery and large array with no battery came out ahead. Batteries are still very expensive and you need to figure in that they'll only last 10yrs. I'd love to have batteries but by the time the savings pays back the cost of the batteries it will be time to replace them.

I believe the differences that make batteries work in SRP territory but not APS is that SRP won't pay you very much for excess generation and SRP offers a large rebate on batteries due to their settlement with Tesla.

For APS you're only locked in to the 11.6c buy back rate for 10yrs. I hope by that time the price of batteries will decrease to the point that adding a battery at year 10 makes sense.

I had 200A service and needed to get de-rated to 175A. Kind of surprised you don't need to, unless maybe they're using the smaller 10kw SolarEdge inverter and its just under the threshold. I did not experience anything on 10kA vs 22kA, sure hope it doesn't come up during the final PTO evaluation!
Exactly this. In APS get as big as you can, in SRP get as little as possible while keeping demand as close to 0. Powerwall is a champ at this and financially only makes sense cause of the $3600 rebate