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Audio Issues with SR+ Partial Premium Interior

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Depreciation King
Nov 10, 2016
Hey All,

Did a quick search, but didn't seem to come across anything quite like my issue so figured I'd make a post. Just picked up my 2021 SR+ and it's honestly the best decision I've made. I've come to love almost everything about it and range doesn't seem to be too big of an issue.

What I am experiencing, however, is some weirdness with the audio. It seems like at "low"-ish volume, (maybe 4ish clicks up on the steering wheel from 0), the music sounds like it's going in and out whenever the bass hits. Doesn't appear to matter if immersive sounds is on or off (might be a little worse when it's on).

I've noticed this kinda thing usually happens with audio systems that don't have "enough" power behind them...but whats odd is at higher volume, the issue disappears entirely....which usually doesn't help on audio systems with said power issue.

Is anyone else experiencing this?
There is nothing premium about the SR+’s audio system. So they should drop that moniker. I’ve had issues with the audio from almost the get-go. I also hear this weird clicking, it sounds like the lane changing sound. Sometimes the “bass” is off for different songs.