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August ‘22: Roadster Rally to Tesla Owners California Takeover? SF/LA⚡️SLO 🏁

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Starting a thread to gauge interest in a group drive to TOCT in San Luis Obispo in early August. I know a bunch of Roadster owners are planning to attend - and there’s probably many more in a drivable radius who may not be aware of the event!

Plan would be for Bay Area roadsters to meet up in Fremont, and for LA Roadsters to meet up in Hawthorne (those being a roughly equal ~200mi distance and ~4hr drive time from SLO) on Friday morning, and drive down/up together.

(Roadsters from farther away would of course be more than welcome to muster at the starting line!)

R80s can probably make it in a single hop, but some of us will need a charge stop - so I’m figuring each route will need a waypoint (or two!) with good charging infrastructure. A group dinner Friday night and a good night’s sleep, then a morning drive to TOCT in time to park, clean bugs off the windscreen, etc. before the event begins at 10am Saturday.

Some logistics to work out, of course - but if you’re interested, please shoot me a message on TMC and forward this invite to other Roadster owners who might be interested.

Plans will depend on the battery capacities / range of the Roadsters involved, so please include your email, VIN, approximate CAC, and whether you’d be starting from Fremont or Hawthorne in your message. (I will keep your information in confidence, apart from the aggregate number of expected participants from each starting point.)

Depending on participation, we may be able to work out a group rate at a hotel, get a Roadside Assistance sponsor, have some fun swag or rally cling stickers printed up, etc. - so spread the word!

If you have ideas as to how to make it more fun, post them up in this thread - I’m all ears!
Had the idea this morning and emailed the event organizers with an outline of the above. They’re already advertising the presence of “Original Roadsters” as a main attraction, so I’m sure if there’s a good number of us there, they’ll find a way to feature us - especially if we have a good handle on how many roadsters will be attending and how much space we’ll need.
Well, that was quick!

- The Takeover will now have a special showcase area just for Roadsters! They've made a google form for those who are interested in participating, so they can allocate space accordingly: Original Tesla Roadster Showcase Note that separate registration for TOCT will still be required. (I have no affiliation with TOCT; it just seems like a good excuse to get a bunch of Roadsters together!)

- I'm looking at the Embarcadero in Morro Bay for the Friday night rally point, where the North and South groups would meet, have dinner, and charge. There are several RV Parks with 30 and 50 amp circuits and secure parking, a number of reasonably-priced hotels, and some good restaurants, all within walking distance. (There's also some incredible photo opportunities there, so I'd try to make it before sundown!)

I've also been in contact with a few SLO-based Roadster owners who may be able to stage logistical assistance as needed, and with folks from as far away as Oregon and San Diego who are hoping to join us for the drive.

Again, if you're interested, message me on here, or email me: [email protected]
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We had a roadster round up to celebrate Tesla's 10th year anniversary a few years ago in SoCal at the Tesla Hawthorne Design Studio with drive up to Malibu along beautiful Pacific Coast Highway. I think close to 40 roadsters showed up...one as far as Arizona and another drove from the San Francisco Bay Area! Let's do this again--maybe in conjunction with the event happening in San Luis Obispo (SLO). On August 6th, we meet up at Tesla Hawthorne Design Studio for light refreshments, charge your roadster, and coffee...then drive together to Malibu (Malibu Country Mart parking lot) for lunch. Those wanting to go to SLO can head there after our pit stop in Malibu. Unfortunately I'll be heading back to Orange County after lunch in Malibu. What do you guys think?
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then drive together to Malibu (Malibu Country Mart parking lot) for lunch. Those wanting to go to SLO can head there after our pit stop in Malibu . . . . What do you guys think?
I like the idea. I'm not sure I'll be available for this though. I'll do it if I can.
An alternative plan might be to drive to SLO via the back roads (CA 166 and Cuddy Valley Road) through Frasier Park, the Sespe Wilderness, and the Carrizo Plain. This route might call for meeting up at the Valencia Town Center Mall (quite a few chargers) for lunch and topping off before venturing out into the wilderness.
Either way: Mountains or coastline, it sounds like fun. A mass arrival of Roadsters into SLO would be fun too.
It’s coming together! I definitely jumped the gun a bit by starting the conversation in April(!), but I’ve heard from a ton of Roadster owners - more than I suspected were still active in CA - over the last few months, and I’m excited. It’s time now to get a bit more precise of a headcount and announce more specific plans; will try to solidify those in the next few days and weeks. Meanwhile, if you’re interested in participating, reach out! (It’s looking like this year’s TOCT will be massive, and the rally down will be quite impressive indeed!)
Some last-minute charging information for those of you coming into town for the takeover:
Closest three supercharger stations to the event at the Madonna Inn are:
18 spaces at the Madonna Inn itself
12 spaces at 11970 Los Osos Valley Road behind Dick’s Sporting Goods – about 2 miles away
20ish spaces at 3897 S. Higuera Behind Tractor Supply at the Bonetti farms Public Market- about 2 miles away.
If you are hungry, I would recommend going to the public market since there are some good restaurants and brews there.

I hope to see you all there, but I am starting a 72 hour shift in an NICU that morning, and we are busy,so I may not be able to make it.:-(