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Auxiliary CT (meter Y) is gone in the installer login....

My powerwall wasn't discharging during peak hours consistently, so I have been checking the gateway and see if I can find something wrong with the metering.

When I first logged in, there were meter 1 (neurio) set as site, meter X set as none, and meter Y set as solar (1 CT x 2)

Last night I powered off the breaker to PV and Neurio, and switch meter X to site and see if that has anything to do with the issue, but after I did that meter Y is missing in the installer login and I cannot add it back? I didn't touch any hardware other than flipping the breaker and the CT is still plugged into CT 1 slot.

I already tried resetting the gateway but that didn't bring meter Y back.... Any idea how can I add that meter Y back or what else I can try other than power cycle the gateway?