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Bad experience: first time at car wash with my 3, forgot to put it in Neutral

I had a really bad experience. Put car in Neutral and started going through car wash. Took off my seat belt to grab cleaner and towels from the back seat to clean afterwards. Know what happens when the car is rolling, there's no seatbelt connected, and the seat doesn't detect your weight? It thinks it's in a runaway roll state and immediately PARKS the car.

I throw it in Neutral, to which Model 3 responds by going to PARK yet again. I must've shifted my body off the seat trying to figure out what the hell was going on. Oh and my wipers are going crazy & I'm all panicky now & can't stop them. Well, that's when the whole rear of my car suddenly bounces up and starts sliding AND turning! Ohhhh no, my back tires came off the track. There's another bouncy up/down as it completes it's removal from the track, then the worker hits the emergency stop. And then just stares at me. And I'm beyond lost on why it happened.

So we get me back on the track, and he asks me to pull into a spot afterwards because, "We need to file a report from the car hitting you." I look back and sure enough there's someone right behind me. In all the commotion I didn't even feel it, or did & thought it was something else.

All in all, very lucky to say there was no damage and nobody bothered calling insurance companies. But that's the backstory to my reply:

"I feel like they should separately have a dedicated 'Car Wash' mode, which would also disable the wipers."