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Bad service appointment, seeking recommendations

I'll try to keep this short.

Background - I bought my Model X on 9/27/2018 as an a new inventory car. When I picked it up it had 50 miles on the odometer (which I was OK with) but was sold as "used" because I guess Tesla used or was planning to use it as a demo car. I didn't see enough comments on the forums regarding asking for a discount or I would have done so when picking up my "new" car.

Almost a year passed and I was reading that Tesla had stopped being so nice with customer service so I scheduled my first service visit on 9/12/19 to fix the issues that I had found during the first year (earliest appt was a month out). I only had 3 major issues
1) Left side falcon door leaks water into cabin when it opens (water pours over seal and falls onto passenger's heads)
2) The right falcon would detect obstruction when closing about 1/3 times - I assumed it was butyl patch from forum reading
3) Right falcon door was rubbing against rear seats and I heard a consistent squeak that has been there since day 1

It took a month to get an appointment at the Costa Mesa service center on 9/27/19 and when I dropped it off they didn't have loaners and so I used Uber for the first time. They told me it would take about 1 week. Well the Uber credit never took in the app despite the Tesla agent doing all the clicking on my phone and I got charged $45 for a ride home.

Tesla sat on the car for 11 days doing nothing and I told them if they weren't going to work on it then I would need a loaner (I was using my old minivan). That lit a fire under their butt I guess because they started work 2 days later and I had my friend drop me off at the service center to pick up the X (I was going to deal with more Uber charges).

Basically Tesla rushed me out the door when picking it up. I complained about the Uber charge and they instructed me to email them the receipt which I did on the spot - they said they would reimburse me and 1 month and 2 emails later no response. They didn't bother going over what they did to repair the vehicle - I had to pull teeth and they told me for issue #2 they replaced a door pinch sensor and adjusted the seat.

For issue 1 they told me that I just had to live with water falling on my kids heads as they had to way to remedy the bad design.
For issue 3 driving home I heard the squeak again which is 100% reproducible every time you ride in the vehicle it's clearly heard. Unfortunately my wife won't drive it so I can't pinpoint where the squeak actually is, but per Tesla it was no squeaking.

They made up some lame excuse that the company needs to be profitable so they cut back on staff and were slammed because of Model 3s and that's why I was without my X with no loaner for 15 days.

I know plenty of you have gone to the Costa Mesa center. I went there even though the Buena Park one is just 3 miles from my house but I heard horror stories and they charge to diagnose squeaks. Should I go back to Costa Mesa? I really don't feel like being out my X for 2 more weeks but the lack of them picking up the phone or even responding to emails is absolutely horrid. Even Fiat dealerships pick up the phone.

I love my X except for the squeaking and it barely rains here in SoCal, but I can't imagine buying a Tesla and having this kind of warranty support for non-critical systems - I wonder how bad it is if the motor fails or HVAC doesn't work.


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Nov 15, 2016
Behind you
I'll try to keep this short.

I love my X except for the squeaking and it barely rains here in SoCal, but I can't imagine buying a Tesla and having this kind of warranty support for non-critical systems - I wonder how bad it is if the motor fails or HVAC doesn't work.

Hopefully you don’t find out. 3/3 of my Tesla’s have had HVAC issues. Two AC compressors, failed vent motors, melted foam, temp sensor replacement t and reprogramming. Luckily, it was all resolved (avg 2 weeks of service)

But I also had the same problems you did. Our seals were replaced under warranty on 2/3 cars - no issues after that. They were roughly 2-3 day appointments.

Our FWD went through recalibration and alignment. 3? 4? Times. Lost count. the recalibration and alignment, combined with new sensors were also supposed to fix the phantom obstruction issue. It didn’t. After 3 or 4 times in at about 2 weeks each time we stopped trying; mostly because the service center was far enough away for it to be a pain. This remains a problem today.

As for our reimbursement credit. 2 years and we haven’t seen the credit. Only a manager who ignores our request and affirmations from lower level employees that it’s coming. It’s not Costa Mesa, but I expect better service from Tesla. You can keep trying or even try other SCs, but they are stretched thin. Really thin.

For comparison, I once wrote a letter in at what amazing service I got when I purchased, and how it convinced me to be a Tesla only family. They were so great I started buying bagels for the crew when I dropped my car off for any appointment. I knew everyone by name, they were a friendly bunch.

Now...I’m a cow. Yet they still send me surveys to fill out. What do you want me to say on the survey? I waited 2 months for an appointment, only to find you left my car outside for a week without touching it before it drained itself to 0, you returning it unresolved. And I can’t get a hold of anyone to talk about it and my only option is to wait another two months....

But I digress. I spoke to some techs. Their feedback is that they get so many cars, there simply isn’t enough time to do diagnostics. You either know the problem and can fix it, or you don’t and you push it through. And if you don’t perform, you’re out so spending time on customer is a waste of time. Their only hope from the SC guys is to get into to mobile team where they’ll get a little more leeway for traveling time. Those guys only have a 10 car target per day. Finish early and you get to go home, late and you either cancel the appointment or I’ve had guys work on my car at 8pm in my driveway with a flashlight. I felt terrible for the guy. Think about that, 10 cars, one day. If you also have to travel, how much time is that per car?i don’t blame the techs...this needs to get better though
I so feel your pain. I owned a 2016 model X and although the car was poorly made and it was eventually bought back by Tesla, the customer service was top-notch. They really went above and beyond at that time. I own a 2018 now, but I dread the days when I have to take it in for service. It is really miserable. Do not email them, that leads nowhere. You just have to be patient and be very persistent. I don’t use Costa Mesa, but I’ve heard that’s the busiest service center in the country. I would take it anywhere other than there. If they’re going to keep your car more than three days, they have to give you a loaner. If you are not getting anywhere, ask for contact information of service center manager. Other than that, I just wish you luck. If there’s anything that will be the downfall of this company it is this piss poor service.
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