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battery not charging fully

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For some reason my 3 months old 100D will not charge to the set limit ..Actually it will not charge past 240 miles range .
And it seems to be losing a little every couple of days ..Started at 240 (set at 250 ) and is now down to 233 after 2 weeks .
I usually charge overnight but lately I will charge in the day and if I get in the car and reset the charge limit , it will charge 2 or 3 miles and then quit (screen says full charge)
Any ideas ?
So , reached out to the SC and either they did something over the net Or the problem has gone away on it's on .
I don't think that happened because it was there for a week ..The car had just lost the charge point . some days it would be less and others more ..Anyway , neat that it got fixed without a visit to the SC (250 miles away )
Never happen to me, but I can make some wild guesses.
1. The cell temp is low
2. The trigger to stop the charging is more earlier than the calculation of SoC.
The estimate of SoC may have plus or minus error, but the estimate of end of charge only allows negative error to avoid overcharge.
3. Sometimes, the "remaining" may be more than the "full pack" as one of kman's video (0:0:40)
4. The BMS detected sign of degradation (of capacity or internal resistance or unbalance) and decide to stop charging
5. The line voltage fluctuated.
6. Software bug. I've charged my car to 100% several times and the last few minutes the system always says "calculating...." before actually stop charging.