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Brand New Model X only 96% Stated Range

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Just picked up new Model X and battery is only 96% of stated range (255 estimated miles at 80% charge). This is my 3rd Model X and 5th Tesla. Every other Tesla was 100% new. 4 year old Model X I just traded was 97% (32,000 miles).

I pointed out to sales upon delivery and they said to work with service. Being my 5th Tesla I had confidence in remedying situation. At present they are saying everything is fine and normal. Tesla is stating that mileage is only estimate and should be using % of battery. I have left it parked since obtaining last Tuesday. Vehicle only has 31 miles. Tesla is saying that the stated mileage on screen is affected and a visual of driving habits. I call BS on that. Driving habits most certainly affect range, but in no way should have a bearing on mileage display. The sales manager of the location is adamant that everything is normal and that you should only us % of charge display and not worry.

They have said.if I was concerned that I should not have accepted the vehicle. It was set to charge% when I picked it up and they spent little to no time going over the vehicle.

Has anyone encountered my situation? Unfortunately I am thinking I have some nad battery cells.
Get a free acct at Recurrent to document and track this. Might take a couple of weeks for it to show in the system tho.

Mine has already dropped, was 104 last month.