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Model X

  1. V

    2022 Model X refresh 3D MAXpider All weather floor mats set - $350 + Free shipping

    2022 Model X refresh 3D MAXpider All weather floor mats set - $350 + Free shipping This is a set I purchased for my new Model x that I took delivery in August 2022. I sold the car and hence no longer need them. Mats are sparingly used and in excellent condition as I had the car only for a...
  2. C


    Looking for long range black exterior and interior 6 seater with FSD with delivery asap. Located in Southern California
  3. J

    MX LR/Plaid Reservation

    Selling my reservation for $6K. Pick up near Bay Area. Car is black and black, no FSD, 20" wheels and no FSD. You can still change the color or other details. Will be handing over my account that doesn't have any other Tesla. LR price is 104990 and plaid is 126490 without any options. My...
  4. I

    Booster Seats in 6 seater 2022 Model X

    What booster seats do you use in your 6 seater 2022 Model X? We tried the Diono Solona 2 (comfortable, but too wide for 2nd row to buckle, will not work in 3rd row due to no latch system). We currently use the Diono Solona in both the 2nd and 3rd row, but my kids complain that they aren't...
  5. C

    2022 Model X LR 6 Seater - Austin/San Antonio

    Model X LR September 2022 Build 200 Miles Black Exterior White Interior Swivel Screen Yoke 6 Seater 20'' Cyberstream Wheels $130,000 obo
  6. J

    Tesla Model X LR For Sale

    Hi TMC! This is my 2nd post about my 2021/2022 Tesla Long Range for sale. My reservation has been completed and the car is ready for pickup this Sunday in Stockton, CA (9/25/22). Configurations: Model X Long Range Solid Black 22" Turbine Wheels Cream Premium Interior with Walnut Decor Seven...
  7. M

    For sale 2022 Tesla Model X LR SoCal

    Just took delivery 3 days ago $120,000 LR 5 seats AP (EAP/FSD can be added) White on black. MSRP is $122,400 right now plus one year wait. Get it now while you can still claim 100% section 179 this year! Located in SoCal.
  8. T

    2022 Model X Long Range red/black - Seattle

    Starting offers at $130k. Configured as pictured. Who wants to skip the line and get a brand new 2022 Model X Long Range in the next week or two? I am accepting delivery of a 2022 Model X Long Range 5 seater with red exterior (+$2500) and black interior with turbine 22" wheels (+$5500) this...
  9. K

    Reservation for sale - Tesla MX

    Hi there, I am selling my reservation if someone is interested. It shows EDD of September to October. VIN has not been assigned. I have registration details added but not the drivers license. I maybe able to get this sorted out through someone I know but can't confirm. If you have a way to do...
  10. T

    X reservation 4 sale

    Reservation for sale with delivery within a month. Still can edit build and even change to plaid. I will help with the registration details if needed. Pickup in Fremont. Price for reservation is 8K. Price for the car is before the hikes. 105K for base and 126K for the plaid. Dm if...
  11. C

    FS: 2016 - 2021 Model X 22 Turbine Wheels - Pristine Condition - Central OH

    I just got these Model X wheels back from the local shop that was refinishing them to make them perfect. I've never used these since I've owned them. 2 x 22 x 9.0 Turbine wheels 2 x 22 x 10.0 Turbine wheels 4 x tire pressure sensors 4 x Tesla logo wheel caps Looking for $3500 OBO - Local...
  12. pox

    Tesla Model X For Sale (2022 Refresh) July build

    2022 Model X Refresh Skip the line, 7 months + wait on new orders Full Self Driving Yoke Steering Insane Mode 6 Seats Blue Exterior Swivel Screen White Seats Mobile Charger Wife just can't get used to the Yoke, vents and all the new hotness. Wants to sale or trade for a pre refresh Model...
  13. W

    Tesla Model X 22" Onyx Turbine Wheels/Tires/TPMS

    Came from my 2016 Model X. Sidewall damage on tires and just a little bit of curb rash... Also an extra tire!
  14. E

    2022 Model X Long Range - Deep Blue Metallic / Black - BRAND NEW! SCHEDULED PICK UP FOR 09/26

    Hello, Im brand new to the forum and am looking to sell my Brand New Tesla Model X Long Range - Will have less than 100 miles on it. Pick up scheduled for 09.23.22 in Michigan. The exact same car if reserved now has msrp of $144,940. Please email at [email protected] with offers. Model X...
  15. H

    2022 Model X Reservation for sale Sept-Oct Delivery

    Hi everyone, New to the forum, have a Model X Long Range reservation I'm willing to sell. My Tesla account only has this car reservation, the account will be handed over to the buyer of the reservation. Pickup is slated for SF Bay Area. As you can probably see this is from before some recent...
  16. D

    MX LR or Plaid Reservation- Sale

    Selling my reservation for the model X. Still open to configuration change between LR or Plaid and other changes. Pick up Fremont. Can meet in person near Los Altos/Mountain View. Build base prices are 105K and 126K for LR and Plaid respectively. My ask is 6600. You can decide if you want...
  17. seenhear

    MCU1 owners: what should we expect from our cars?

    This could apply to Model X owners too, but I couldn't find an appropriate forum to discuss MCU common to both S & X... I recently brought my model S to the service center for various reasons, one of which is that my MCU1 keeps acting up: occasional reboots, sluggishness, poor voice recognition...
  18. S

    Tesla Model X - Original 22" Turbine Wheels 2022 (Complete Set of 4) - $2700 (DFW area)

    Tesla Model X - Original 22" Turbine Wheels 2022. These are Original Tesla Factory (OEM) Mint Condition! No scratches or previous repairs. Also comes with original Aero Clips. **Note ** These wheels (with tires) are $5500.00 from Tesla ($3700 for wheels $ 1800 for tires) Buy these and save...
  19. P

    2020 Model X Performance with Ludicrous+ and FSD $119K OBO 29k mi (bumper-to-bumper warranty)

    2020 Model X 'Raven' Performance with Ludicrous+ and Full Self Driving still under bumper-to-bumper warranty Full Self Driving is transferable to new owner Located near Columbus OH - 1 owner (me) - Clean car fax Performance Ludicrous+ Mode 29,900 Miles 20” Slip Stream Wheels (although some...
  20. I

    Model Y / X - MotoTote Mini Electric / Fat Tire Hitch Mount Bike Carrier Rack

    Lightly used hitch mounted bike rack (used on 2 times). Only a few months old. Stored indoors. Weighs only 28 lbs and has a 200lb capacity. I used it with a Sur Ron X aka Segway X260 (~80lbs without the battery) with no problems. This rack was the only option I found that had a high capacity...
  21. P

    Does brand new Model X come with home charger?

    Hello, My XLR is scheduled for next month delivery (not Vinned yet) - fingers crossed. Could someone suggest if the car comes with home charger ($400 one) or should we buy it separately from the tesla store? Thanks !
  22. U

    2022 Model X Reservation- Sale

    Model: X LR (can be switched to Plaid) EDD: October to December 2022, earlier for plaid Current config: Black on black, 6 seats, 20" wheels, no FSD - Configuration still editable to any option you prefer including plaid Location - Fremont delivery My location- Sunnyvale (SF Bay Area) Base price...
  23. V

    2022 Tesla Model X Plaid 6 seater/cream/20"/FSD $144k

    I placed 2 orders last year with different configurations. I thought I will decide which one I like more and sell another one. And here we are, I am selling this one. It is truly a new car, I did not even take the film off of the screen and lights. Cream interior, 6 seats, standard wheels, and...
  24. F

    2022 Tesla Model X Review

    Here is the review of the new 2022 Tesla Model X! I purchased the Dual Motor version with upgrades wheels and the six seats package with full self driving!
  25. Padelford

    Front suspension problems come and go?

    Two months ago, I had the upper control arms replaced for the second time in the vehicle’s history. In both cases, the front end was very noisy, and the new control arms apparently fixed the problems. Two weeks ago, the front suspension began squeaking and creaking like hell again. It was...
  26. F

    Model X LR Reservation pre-price hike

    Base Price was 114k when I placed the order Configuration can be updated without price increase Current configuration Black Ext, white Int, 6 seat for a total of 124k Target Delivery is Nov Dec 2022 (keeps changing) Feel free to DM me or leave another way to communicate if interested
  27. VictorD

    Looking to take over the reservation for model X Toronto area

    Looking for a 2022 model X, 6 seater, long range or Plaid before the price hike. If the price is right please DM. Ready to take delivery.
  28. I

    Bumper alignment causing dubious ultrasonic detection

    Hello I recently got my driver side rear fascia adjusted by a Tesla authorized body shop. While the fascia adjustment looks better I noticed my FSD preview shows the ultrasonic sensor on the fascia as detecting an object nearby when there is none almost persistently. Tried cleaning the sensor...
  29. L

    2016 Model X, leaking touchscreen

    My 2016 Model X began leaking touchscreen fluid from the bottom a month or so ago. We brought it in today and were told that it had a 4 year warranty on the screen and it has been six years. We showed them an article (NHTSA Asks Tesla to Recall Roughly 158,000 Model S and Model X Cars Over...
  30. LA PYD

    OEM Tesla Bluetooth TPMS sensors (qty 4)

    Like new condition OEM TPMS. Located in Los Angeles, willing to ship at buyers expense. $280 for set of 4. Price is firm. Compatible with Model S and Model X vehicles produced in 2021+, Model Y vehicles and Refresh Model 3 vehicles.
  31. LA PYD

    OEM Tesla Bluetooth TPMS sensors (qty 4)

    Like new condition OEM TPMS. Located in Los Angeles $280 for set of 4 Compatible with Model S and Model X vehicles produced in 2021+, Model Y vehicles and Refresh Model 3 vehicles.
  32. chui816

    OEM Tesla Model X Sun Shade

    OEM Tesla Model X front windshield sun shade. First come first serve. Located in So. Cal but can ship anywhere. $75 Call or Text 805-252-3808
  33. S

    2022 Model X LR reservation for sell (Bay area)

    Selling my 2022 Model X reservation since it's been delayed for so long and we bought something else. LR + six seater + Black and White Premium Interior with Walnut Décor. The delivery is expected sometime in October, may get pushed to Nov. Only has this vehicle on my account so transfer will be...
  34. D

    Using 12v accessories

    Hi folks, I'm on limited bandwidth whilst I'm travelling, so apologies if this has been covered elsewhere and I didn't find it. How 'safe' is it to use 12v accessories, like electric kettles or cooler boxes? We're due to go on a 3,000 mile road trip from south-east England to Norway and back...
  35. J

    2022 Model X reservation for sale

    Hi, I have a pre-price hike Model X for sale. No registrant details were entered which means you can enter your details directly in the account. It is currently configured to LR but can be modified to any combination (paint, seat colors, 6 or 7 seaters) or even changed to Plaid. It Shows EDD...
  36. J

    2022 Model X reservation for sale

    Hi, I have a pre-price hike Model X for sale. No registrant details were entered which means you can enter your details directly in the account. It is currently configured to LR but can be modified to any combination (paint, seat colors, 6 or 7 seater) or even changed to Plaid. It Shows EDD from...
  37. S

    I Have a Model X Long Range Reservation For Sale - Can transfer account - Delivery between August 3rd and August 22

    I have a Model X Long Range reservation for sale. Location: I am in Connecticut but I should be able to transfer the account to you before I have a delivery date. Current Tesla costs $132,400 will sell for $126,290 - GET THE X CHEAPER AND QUICKER! (see images below) Ready to handover the...
  38. P

    Caraoke missing on Model X Refresh?

    I can't seem to find Caraoke app on my MX refresh. Is it not available on the new model x?
  39. P

    Need Gone 2022 Model X Plaid 140k NJ

    Model X Plaid - Absolutely immaculate condition. Had sold locally, buyer’s financing fell through (ie did not qualify). Solid Black with white interior, carbon fiber decor. 22” Turbine wheels, updated swivel screen and Plaid badge. No FSD. Located in NJ
  40. B

    Model X 20" Sonic Carbon Slipstream Wheel and Tire Package

    Wheels and tires are in perfect condition! Wheels were removed from Model X less than a 100 miles. Less than a 100 miles on wheels and tires. Tesla link for wheel package 2015-2020 | Model X 20" Sonic Carbon Slipstream Wheel and Tire Package For sale in Bay Area or will ship at buyers cost...
  41. T

    Model x reservation for sale

    Hi, I have a pre price hike Model X for sale. It is currently configured to LR but can be modified to any combination or even Plaid. Shows EDD of late October to early December. I have heard plaid will be a lot earlier. Long range base is 104,990 vs 120,990 (today's price). DM me for details...
  42. B

    Purchasing 2016 Model X 75D with free supercharging, 95k miles, $40,500, good deal?

    Purchasing 2016 Model X 75D with free unlimited supercharging, 95k miles, for $40,500 from a private seller in Ohio. Needs 4 new tires. Had a local mechanic lift the vehicle no physical damange to the underside of the battery. No vibration had hard acceleration. This a good deal? Other options...
  43. CCANActionFund

    Vendor Win a $135k Model X or S Plaid. Support a Small Climate Change Nonprofit.

    Our nonprofit, Chesapeake Climate Action Network (CCAN) Action Fund, is hosting its 4th Annual EV Raffle For The Climate. This year we’re raffling a custom-build Tesla worth up to $135,990 or you can choose the super-hard-to-find Rivian electric truck, with immediate delivery. No waiting...
  44. M

    PPF installer recommendation in the Bay Area

    Hi there, Do you know a PPF installer you'd recommend in the Bay Area? TIA.
  45. kazkioken

    FS: MX Plaid/LR 20" Cyberstream wheels and tires $2250 Los Angeles

    Just got our MX Plaid last week and selling my new black 20" Cyberstream wheels and tires (Continental CrossContact LX Sport). I am getting new wheels/tires delivered sometime in the next week or so, so if interested just come pick them up when they are finally off the car. Car has about 200...
  46. S

    Refreshed Model X delivery checklist

    Hello all. Ignore my username don't know why I put that 2 years ago. I am needing of refreshed model x tesla owners to come and assist us with making a new refreshed model x delivery checklist. There is a model x checklist on tmc, but it is outdated. Since no one else wants to do the job, I...
  47. W

    2017 100D Model X Midnight Silver

    100D Long Range All-Wheel Drive Midnight Silver Metallic 28,xxx miles 22" Black Turbine wheels White Premium Interior Dark Headliner Six Seat Interior Autopilot FSD Premium Upgrades Package Smart Air Suspension Ultra High Fidelity Sound Subzero Weather Package FSD Computer Upgrade (2021) MCU2...
  48. M

    Insurance and financing

    Hey folks, My EDD is narrowing and approaching soon. I wanted to see what bank and insurance company are people, especially Bay Area folks, using for their model X. TIA!
  49. S

    Lease return nightmare model X

    So I leased a model X in 2018, my lease ended in 9/2021, and I decided to extend it for another 3 months, so my new end lease date was 12/2021. All payments for the past 39 months were made on time. December comes around and I tried calling to schedule my return, but all I got from tesla reps...

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